Disappointed with Damier Speedy and couldn't force myself into buying anything!

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  1. I really wanted a Damier Speedy, it was the number one on my wishlist, because I adorte my Damier Papillon (I'm a Damier fan) and just loved the way Speedy looked in pics and on the shelf. Besides this seems to be a hard to get bag all over the world, but here in Moscow it's freely available in both LV shops, had to use the opportunity. :graucho:

    So today me and my Damier Papillon went to the boutique to pick up its new sister (sounds tacky, I know LOL), but when I looked at the bag IRL (not on the shelf like last time, but closely) I was very disappointed. I knew it didn't hold shape, but it looks even worse, just very sloppy. :cursing: I don't know why, but damier looks worse when not hoding shape than, for example, monogram canvas, probably because of its geometric pattern. Besides, I've heard all the "horror stories" about bleeding lining. So I decided not to buy it! :crybaby:

    To add to the disappointment I've seen several women with Damier Speedies today!!! :hysteric: Not a single Papillon, thank God, we haven't met a twin! :graucho:

    I took a look at Damier Alma, it has a nice shape, but it has the same lining, besides, I've seen someone say Alma is not trendy and is a bag "for old ladies". :wtf:

    I looked around and couldn't find anything that I'd want to make my next bag! Left the shop with empty hands. :sad:

    I just know I don't want vachetta. Maybe I should look more closely at the Epi line? Don't like the Epi Speedy though.

    What can you suggest? What bags are currently 'trendy' but not too overused like speedys?

    By the way, Moscow shop has the entire Mirroir line, all sizes of Damier Speedys. :graucho: No Sophie though. No signs of Pomme d'Amour or the heart shaped thingy either.
  2. what about the belem pm? i have it and it is really structured!
  3. Duomo is a nice shape. You don't have to worry about the lining because it's alcantera. Very cute bag and similar to the speedy but keeps its shape.
  4. Oh im so sad to hear you were disappointed! Everytime i go to the boutique and see it i am sooo :drool: ! Good luck on finding a damier bag you will love!
  5. saleyas? :shrugs:

    im kind of disappointed to hear about the shapeless of the damier speedy...i was seriously considering it also over the mono speedies, but haven't had a chance to look at it in person. hmm the sloppy shape is kind of a turnoff. wonder if it'll help if you put a cardboard bottom on it? is the 25 the same, do you know?
  6. I hate when that happens. You're all set to buy and BAM! You'll have other opportunities, I am sure.:yes:
  7. If you want something damier, I'd have to agree with Texas Girl and say the Duomo if you want something handheld similar to the Speedy :yes: My second choice would be the Saleya.

    Hope you find something you love soon! :flowers:
  8. I am so sorry this happened to you. I know what it is like to anticipate purchasing an item only to find out that it is not what you originally thought it was.
  9. Thanks for your nice comments everyone!

    I don't like Saleya's shape, but I'll have a better look at it IRL (have yet to see it).

    Duomo is too conservative for my taste, saw it today. I'll have to take a second look at it though.

    Belem looks nice in pics, saw it on one lady today (I hope I won't see any more twins!), looks good IRL, but I'll have to look closer at it. It's a good option, thanks!

    I was talking about 25. The bigge one is even worse. I don;'t think cardboard would be any help, it sags at the top too. The dome at the top just gets sucked inside when you pick it by the handles, if you know what I mean. I guess you'll just have to see for yourself, maybe you'll have a better impression.
  10. i'm sorry the speedy didn't work out. I actually think the damier speedy holds it's shape better than the mono canvas. I have both in 25 and my damier one feels a little "stiffer". Anyway, how about the Ilovo? I saw a woman with the Ilovo MM and it looked really good! Good luck, keep us posted!
  11. Olgavd: yeah, try the belem pm out! :wlae:
    rainyjewels: i think it would help..my damier speedy 25 has a red cardboard bottom and a medium red purseket..voila! the bag becomes structured! everyone compliments on my bag! :yahoo:

  12. I like bag sagging, though I found my new Damier Speedy 30 which I got a few days ago not sagging too much....which disappoints me a little. It holds its shape very well which I dont want it to be....
  13. I just received a Damier Speedy 30 for Christmas-- mine is having no issues with holding its shape, I do not have anything on the bottom but I do have a large purseket inside. It is a gorgeous bag, I love it and do not think it looks sloppy-- it is not as formed as my Epi Speedy 25 but it is far from shapeless.
  14. so sad you don't like the damier speedy,
    i'm using today, and I think it still look super good.....
  15. Sorry to read you didn't adore the damier speedy..I have a damier 30 and don't find it sags that much....I love my speedy. I agree with the suggestions for the duomo or belem pm:heart: