Disappointed with Botkier Stirrup stud hobo

  1. I purchased a white Botkier stirrup stud hobo from eBay seller konasesame. The auction stated it was new with tags, but the bag arrived with light pink stains, scuffed piping and spots of dirt.

    After communicating with the seller and doing calculations on the amount of money I'd lose if I sent the bag back for a refund (which she offered), I decided to keep it despite its flaws because I really do like it and it doesn't make sense for me to spend 20% of the bag's purchase price on shipping it back (I live in Singapore). But I can't help but be disgruntled at the poor quality of the stitching. Somehow it doesn't look robust, as it does on bags from other brands like Coach, for instance.

    I've read about Botkier's quality issues and just hope that my bag will last me at least a couple of years before biting the dust, and that those pink stains come out when I take the bag to a trusted bag cleaning specialist.

    But it'll be a forever and a day before I buy from konasesame again. :tdown:
  2. I'm sorry to hear you aren't happy w/ it....since it still has tags have you tried emailing Botkier's customer service about the problems with the bag?
  3. oh no!! I am currently bidding on the same bag but in midnight. In the pics the bag looks immaculate but now I am worried. I'm sorry that your bag was not what you expected. Hopefully you can get the stains out and can use the bag. Let us know.
  4. Did the bag come with an authenticity card?????? And I'd be curious to know what the pictures looked like when you bought the bag. I think they'll show up once you leave feedback. Did she mention the stains at all???? Did her auction say "New with tags"?????

    This doesn't sound like Botkier quality at all though....

    The Indigo Blue bag looks OK Kings_20, but perhaps you can verify if you'll be getting the EXACT bag pictured.

    Sorry this has happened.
  5. This is the auction: 310002707199

    She states that the bag in the pictures is the bag I would be getting. Either she didn't check it thoroughly before shipping it, or the light was very poor, or somehow the bag got damaged in shipping (the scratched leather is near where the Botkier cardboard hangtag is hung). And yes, contessa, there is an authenticity card.

    Kings_20, I hope your bag will arrive in good condition. The flaws in mine are not major-major, but I'm just cheesed off that I paid good money for something that is not in pristine condition as was promised. I'm also rather wary now of buying another Botkier although I love many of their designs - I tried to rub off the pink stain with some tissue and cold water, and a bit of the leather sloughed off!

    Just my bad luck, I guess. :sad:
  6. Voodoo, I'm in Singapore and I doubt very much that Botkier would do anything to help...
  7. I have this bag - the color is gorgeous! - and this one up for auction looks authentic to me. I'm no expert, but it looks exactly like mine. I love my bag; it's a good size and it kind of just molds to your body. So comfortable to carry. Good luck on the auction!