Disappointed With Bal City

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  1. Purchased no more than two years ago my bag is not looking well. It's been like this for at least a year of minimal use. The color has faded (black) and the edges are worn and ripped. I seriously don't use this bag often and I am so not happy how it's worn. I purchased it at Saks. Now Saks does not carry them, as Bal took their line out, from what I was told, so I contacted Balenciaga in NY (since I live here) and they said to send them the bag and they will quote me for this repair. Has anyone gone this route? And if you could tell me, what else can I do? I would really like to tell Bal that their bags absolutely don't wear well, as my officier is on its way out too.
  2. I purchased a bag from Balenciaga.com this summer and the clasp broke after only 3-4 wears (it was one of the SLGs with a detachable strap). I was told to contact BalNY and I got the same response that you did - send it in for a repair quote. I was shocked that Balenciaga would have the nerve to charge me to repair their defective item.

    Despite having read a variety of complaints about Bal customer service, I was surprised and disappointed when it happened to me. Even if I had carried this bag every day since it was shipped - it was only a few weeks old! I still don't understand how a luxury brand like Balenciaga feels justified to deflect responsibility for the quality of their products.

    It's very sad, I've owned and adored scores of Bbags through the years and this is the first one with a serious quality issue - but their response so infuriated me that I will never buy another. I've sold all but my most treasured Bbags and I have moved on to other designers. (But I still like to lurk around on this forum and see the new seasons' colors and designs!!)

    There is no designer with a perfect track record for quality. But what's important to me is that when mistakes happen, they are resolved quickly and with courtesy.
  3. I was just thinking tonight that I am glad I only have three bags. I have had issues with other brands, like Marc Jacobs, but I purchased them from a store that stood behind their merchandise and most issues were resolved favorably. This issue probably won't be resolved unless I pay a few hundred dollars. There are private companies who repair bags and I guess I'll have to go that route. I don't think I'd make a Bal purchase again. I have read about others having issues and though they are desirable IT bags, they don't do it for me any longer. :sad:
  4. Hi, just wondering, if you send an email to their customer service, or contact their international office, will it be a better situation? it is so unreasonable to pay a few hundred dollars when it just broke after 3-4 times using it.

    Hopefully some one in Balenciaga customer service can look into this matter. without you paying the repairing cost.

    sorry if my suggestion is no help =(
  5. this happened to me too btw, but they said they'll call me to check if i'm ok with the "quoted" price, only if i'm ok will they send it for repair.

    Few weeks later i called them, and found out that my bag had already been shipped to bal for repair. And they actually ended up not charging me.

    I think ultimately it really depends on what is wrong with the bag. In ur case it seems like there might've been something wrong with it from the getgo.

    Maybe try and see what the quote is anyway?
  6. I too am disappointed in the quality of their bags. My city has already got a faded patch after only 2 days of wear. Mind you when i say where I am literally only carrying the bag to my car, put it on the passenger seat, carrying my bag to the office door which is a 30 sec walk from the car park then straight onto my office spare chair. Then reverse the process when going home. No public transport or going out for lunch for those 2 days yet at the end of the second day I noticed a faded patch which may have been caused by rubbing against my top while on my arm (that's how I carry all my bags). If it can be so bad after only minimal contact I simply can't imagine what is going to happen after a few more days of usage. Very sad because I really do enjoy the size and weight of classic city.
  7. I am not disappointed with the quality of any of my bags at the moment, but I do think Balenciaga has the worst customer service, unfortunately. I stopped ordering from the boutiques entirely because of their exchange-only policy. So my bags are now either preowned or purchased from a major department store. What annoys me the most (although a little thing, I guess) is how hard it is to get replacement tassels. I tried to get some for a lizard embossed City and was basically ignored. I still love the bags, but with the pending price increase and poor customer service, I won't be so ready to buy new in the future, I'm sure. Having said that, though, I do think the durability of the new bags is better than the older bags and, maybe in that respect, they have tried to improve. Although I love chevre, I think it does tend to show wear quicker than the newer bags (I have both).
  8. ita with you*C, the customer service is awful , in EUROPE SAs don't know ANYTHING about colours, style name , etc...

    but the quality of leather has recently improved in my opinion :leather is thicker and more durable now :yes: AND LESS PRONE TO FADE
  9. hi. I have similar problem. Got this lovely clutch c. 3 years ago and the color fades / worns out in the place where the bag is held.

    Ladies, is it a common problem or I just happened to be a 'lucky' one? Is there anything what can be done to remedy it? The clutch looks very scruffy now..

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  10. Wow! This is scary!! :sweatdrop: :-s I am planning to get my first Bal bag in s'pore. Now, I'm not sure......is balenciaga bag really that bad??

    The problem is that we don't have any Balenciaga Store in NZ. If anything goes wrong, how am I going to call for help/service?? Emmm......I need to think twice then!
  11. You can check here for some suggestions:


    Any leather bag will show wear as it is a natural product. There are some tips on products and services that some people use for Balenciaga that you may find helpful.
  12. As I said in my previous post, I am not unhappy with any of mine right now, but, as with any leather product, wear is likely even with normal use (but not abuse). Balenciaga is usuallly pretty durable and always very beautiful, however, hence the popularity of this forum:smile:
  13. well i was excited all day today after buying my very first Balenciaga bag on the Ruelala web site. I have been wanting a B bag for years and finally the sale was there and the moment was right.

    all your posts frightened me, but at least I am forewarned. will be extra extra extra careful with my new bag.

    she is beautiful... she is so beautiful and I am so happy with my purchase that I was inspired to make my first post here. will post a pic too when I actually get the bag in hand. since I live in Europe I will have to wait until I get to the States in January to pick it up at my sister's. Can I wait that long????? she better not use it!

    This must be the last purchase for this year (yea i always say that..). After an April Mulberry, August Kooba and Linea Pelle and September Prada - all firsts - i just can't afford any more! but next year is almost here!
  14. Yikes! I just bought my first two Bal City bags but haven't carried them yet. Now, I'm wondering if I should keep them. especially given how much they cost.:wtf: Someone else had already mentioned the fading problem. I wonder if it's just with certain bags or if all of them will do this?
  15. I think the fading are only on some particular colors & season, so far, all my Bbags still look the same as when I got them. No fading at all, I still love all of them.