Disappointed...What shall I do?

  1. Hi there, I was just wondering what anyone might recommend I do. I just bought a bag from a very reputable seller with 100% feedback and I paid 275 pounds as I had been waiting ages for it and it is rare. It was described as excellent condition. It arrived today and it is beautiful but a few studs are missing from the design at the back. I have told the seller but I am just waiting to hear what she says. I really want the bag but I just feel really disappointed. Any thoughts:sad:
  2. ^^^ Just wait and see what they say
  3. Can you live without them? If not, ask for a refund.
  4. Well I love it but I dont think I would have paid so high if I had known
  5. If you really are in love with the bag and want to keep it, perhaps you could suggest a partial refund of say 10% or whatever you think would be fair.
    Good luck!
  6. Hi yes jenny 70 I agree, as this would cover my cost if I repair. I am hoping the seller will suggest this to me.
  7. Good luck!
  8. I hope that the seller is reasonable. There weren't any pictures of the pattern missing the studs? That's really frustrating when something arrives and it is not as depicted. If you can live with it, ask for the partial refund as compensation, but if not, I would ask for a full refund.
  9. Dawn, I would like to post the listing for you to see, and I can take a pic of the back where studs are missing. I havent done it so far because I dont want to be unfair to the seller but I would like your opinion. Could you have a look at the listing pls?
  10. If I was selling an item like that I definitely would have disclosed and provided a photo of the missing studs. To do otherwise is not being fair with you, the buyer.
  11. Well let's give the seller the benefit of the doubt, people do make genuine mistakes
  12. I would wait and see what the seller says. Hopefully she will do a partial refund without any problems and then everyone will be happy!
  13. Update, seller offered me a partial refund and asked to see pics. Now she says she is not sure as the bag was listed as used. I will wait for her response as I said I would accept a partial refund and I await further news. The listing says excellent condition which in my opinion was misleading