Disappointed: water spots on key wallet - what are my possibilities?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm quite disappointed and angry right now: I got into a real bad rain shower but I had to open my car, so I had to take out my key wallet. It got wet a bit and I didn't touch anything.
    Now it's dry again but there a big ugly, stiff water spots on my prada :sad: The leather is NOT untreated and it's in a blue color. No one at the store said anything that it could get watermarks and if I purchase a key wallet I think it's obvious that it could get caught in rain sometime because of its function.
    Is there ANYTHING I can do to get rid of those spots or complain/get a new one?
    I'm really bummed that even treated leather gets water spots and it's so ugly now I don't even wanna use it anymore.
  2. No one? :sad:
  3. Talk to a dry cleaner who dry clean leather clothes. He might be able to help you.

    Good luck
  4. Which country are you from? Apparently a place call 'mybagspa' are specialist that clean most high ends bags. You can research on the company on google for reviews and YouTube aswell. good luck!