Disappointed w/ new Tivoli PM!!!

  1. I just picked up my tivoli pm that I had been waiting forever for and I am quite disappointed. :tdown:

    I was one of the lucky ones to get a tivoli when it first came out, but I returned it to get my mom BV for christmas. Well, the tivoli I just picked up doesn't seem to be made as well as the first "batch". The lining on the inside isn't that nice glossy brown canvas w/ the gold sparkle anymore, but just the regular thick brown canvas. Also, the red dye by the zipper seems to have not been put on well - it is sort of flaky and uneven! The pleats in the bag also do not seem to be lined up evenly. WTF?! I should have checked it closer at the store before I took it home w/ me. :crybaby: Now I am really regretting the fact that I returned my original tivoli!!!

    Anyone else have this same experience with your tivoli??
  2. Sorry... I know i must have sounded like a brat in my first post, but I am just disappointed. Does anyone know why they changed the lining material?
  3. I have never heard o this, if you are so dissapointed just take it back and wait until another one is available. Good luck
  4. I purchased mine when it's first released, and don't notice the glossy brown canvas w/ the gold sparkle that you mentioned. My lining is just the typical brown fabric. If you don't like yours, you should return it. Don't keep it just because it's sold out at this time. It's a permanent line, so you should not have any problem getting another one.
  5. so sorry about your experience with Tivoli. if you are not happy with it maybe you can return it and get something that you really love
  6. YEAH... my friend said the same thing... The Tivoli did change.............
  7. I guess things like this happen when new items are first released. Hopefully they've worked out the kinks in the Tivoli.....it's such a cute bag !!
  8. I got the first Tivoli sold in my store when they first were released and I gave it to my mom for Christmas. I don't recall it having a "special" lining though, I am not sure what you mean. However, the rest of the bag (the pleats etc.) are perfect so if yours is not then I would return it for sure. The bag should be perfect in everyway and it should make you happy not upset. I would return it and get another one.
  9. I understand what you mean by 'gold sparkle'. I saw those sparkles in the Tivoli PM I waitlisted for and bought on Nov 25. The sparkles actually bothered me. I thought there was something wrong, as if somebody has left an X'mas card with gold sparkles in it before selling the bag to me. LOL.

    I returned it 5 days later. I didn't like the rough zipper and the small size.
  10. Uneven pleats would drive me :cursing: Take it back and if you decide to get another, check it out very closely before you leave the store!
  11. Exchange it for another one. If you are not happy with this one, don't keep it.
  12. Take it back, your SA will call within LV customer service to get another for you so you only wait a few days. In other words, they will not place you on a new spot on the waitlist, but rather at the top of the list because of the unsatisfactory bag. The pleats would drive me crazy if they were not perfect and if the glazing or sealing on the edging is already peeling, it will be no time at all that it begins to all peel. I had this happen with a brand new accordeon wallet which LV exchanged for me. I think I know what you mean about the sparkle in the canvas, yes there is a sheen on many of the canvas linings and I recognized this for I have sold some of my LV on eBay and it really shows up when photographing. My own experince with new models coming out, is normally the models are from LV's factory in France in the first batch released and then following their initial introduction, the following batches it seems to me, come from U.S. and a smaller degree Spain. I was waitlisted for the Tivoli bag and was the first on the list, when I went to check it out when it arrived, it was made in France and the bag was perfect in every way, I just did not fall in love with it as I hoped and ended up buying another style. But you should be getting a perfect bag. You need to call your SA or the manager of the location you bought the bag from (first try your SA if possible) and explain the situation. They may be able to get their hands on a replacement for you so you can exchange it the day you bring it back. You want to be certain that you read the return/exchange policy on your receipt because most free-standing boutiques are 14 days with the exception of Saks and some other stores where LV leases space. You want to be certain you speak with someone or go back to the store within that time frame. Good Luck, they will find another for you, do not keep the defective one, for the flaws will bother you as they would most of us and you are entilted to a perfect bag!
  13. I agree you should take it back and ask about the different lining.
  14. Thanks for all your comments everyone! I think I will take it back to Saks and ask about the lining and ask if they can get me another one. I loved the lining in the first batch - i wish there was a way to get my hands on one like it now without having to pay extra to buy one on eBay.

    If anyone else has gotten a second batch tivoli, can you please let me know what your lining is like? Maybe different factories are making them with different linings? I am wondering if maybe they were in such a rush to make the 2nd batch to fulfill waitlisters, that they rushed and weren't as particular with each one... ?
  15. I don't think there was ever a glossy lining...I think the same textile lining is used but under certain lighting (esp. camera flash) it looks glossy. My PH has a lining like that, which is the same as all other monogram bags with a brown textile lining.