Disappointed w My Magenta City. Need Advice!!!

  1. Hi BBags lovers:
    I got my holy grail Magenta GSH City from BalNY today . I had such a high expectation on this purse. She is not as shiny as I hope. I have an ink RH box. she is much shiner than the magenta city. and, I feel the leather is a bit dry. This is my second Bbag, so, I am not sure if the leather is normal. Moreover, there are 2 scratches, one on the bottom like 1.5" and on the straps like 2.5".
    There is NO extra tassel. The contrallato cards and tags are not in a plastic bag. Could this bag be a return? I was expecting a perfect bag...

    I need your advice. Is this normal for Bbag? Should I keep her?:crybaby:

    Thank you...
    sIMG_0317.jpg sIMG_0318.jpg sIMG_0319.jpg sIMG_0320.jpg sIMG_0321.jpg
  2. More pics. Please advice. :confused1: Thanks.
    sIMG_0322.jpg sIMG_0323.jpg sIMG_0324.jpg sIMG_0325.jpg sIMG_0326.jpg
  3. i'm sorry! you should definitely return it if you are not happy with it. it should be love at first sight. i really hope you can return it. good luck!! :heart::smile:
  4. GH doesn't come with extra tassels.

    It's beautiful! I'd keep it~
  5. I think it looks lovely but if you aren't happy with it definitely return it. You could try moisturizer (check out the reference section for what other ladies used) which would probably make it smoother and smooth out the scratch, and LMB has some new shine restore stuff (never used it but im sure if you search)..
  6. I think it is lovely and would not return it for the tiny marks that are on it because this will happen no matter how you baby it HOWEVER if I was not happy with the leather then that is a different story... IMP. I know we expect for a bag that cost that much to be flawless but lets face it nothing in this world is going to be perfect. Good Luck!!!
  7. Your bag has nice thick looking leather on there!! As far as the scratches.. its sort of common with GH bags... If you put leather moisturizer on there they go away... other than that.. I love the distressing and thickness of the leather.. it looks like you got a good one! The cards don't come in a plastic bag either... :nogood: Shes pretty to me~! :tup:
  8. I'm so sorry that you are disappointed! I was in total awe when I opened the bag with my GSH LE Magenta City! Yours looks beautiful to me, but I agree, you should definitely feel GREAT about it! Good Luck!:smile::yes:
  9. First off: Please read the other thread about the gal that used moisturize on her LE Magenta and RUINED it!!! Please please please be careful. Here it is!!


    Next: if you don't love it, don't keep. IMHO, that is WAY too much money to pay for *anything* you aren't in love with.

    To me, scratches are normal and inevitable on all bbags, so I would not consider this defective. To return for that would be a personal choice, I would think.

    And I had an LE too: I just couldn't wrap my tiny brain around why I didn't love it. I just didn't. DH said it looked exactly like the 05 Magenta and I couldn't disagree more. :shrugs:

    Anyway, best wishes :flowers:
  10. Looks spiffy to me. Very nice, actually. And yes, GH doesn't come with extra tassels because where would you put the tassel?
  11. You should return the bag if you are not happy with it. But I think it is a pretty bag. :smile:
  12. if you're not happy, you should return it.. but the scratches are pretty normal, the giant hardware doesn't come with tassels, and none of the bbags i've ever bought came in a plastic bag...
  13. I agree with everyone else. If you don't like the bag, return it, that's a choice you have to make because you are the one who paid for it and only you can decide if the flaws are serious enough. You don't want to keep a bag that you constantly see flaws in. Having said that, according to your pics, the leather looks gorgeous!
  14. i think it's really pretty and GH bags don't come with tassles. as for the plastic bag for cards, not a big deal, the scratches to me aren't a defect. it just naturally happens. as for the leather it looks fine, but only you could tell since you can actually touch it. up to you, but the bag looks great to me.
  15. Sorry you were disappointed, but I think you got a good one there. The scratches are innevitable but you're the only one who can decide whether it's livable for you or not. If you're not happy then return it.

    The GH doesn't have tassels, the zipper pulls have those little tags already. Also, the controllato cards never came in plastic for me either.