Disappointed Sienna City from DIABRO.NET

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  1. I don't have any local stores where I can look at the real darling thing, so after a whole day of research on colors,size etc, I decided to go with the Sienna at Diabro.net. The pictures postes here show really nice leather, smoosh, rich and thich leather. That's what I want!

    THe shopping experience itself is not bad. Shipping was fast for only 4 days.

    Today I picked up the bag from local USPS. I was like Uh-uh when I took the bag out of the box. The color is OK and the shape and size works perfectly for me. But, the leather! The leather looks very veiny and dry. The leather at the corner feels even drier. This is a brand new bag and I'm not so sure how it would stand the use if the leather is not as thick as I imagined. I'll post some pictures later and you experts please tell me was I overeacting or was I really unlucky to get one with mediocre leather?

    Since this is an oversear purchase and my very first Bbag, I don't plan to return it. Is there anyway I can fix it up a little so the leather doens't looks/feels so dry?

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  2. I love how the leather is all crinkly, I love the veiny look. Just from the pictures, I can't tell that the bag is dry. I am newish to B bags, so I don't know how to moisturize them, not sure what could be done. Someone with more experience will pop in and let you know.

    Sorry it came so dry, other than that I think it looks gorgeous!
  3. Get some Apple conditioner, put a gernerous amount on, let it dry, buff and repeat. It will be gorgeous!!! They do get dry and often new bags are far drier than older, used bags.
  4. Yea, I agree that the leather looks a bit dry. Go with the Apple conditioner - your bag will look perfect after treatment! ;)
  5. Thanks a lot, powderpuff100. :tup:I'm gonna try that out. I know some people actually prefer the veiny and distrssed look. I don't hate it either, only that it wasn't what I had imagined! :throwup:
  6. BTW, where would you ladies recommend to get the apple conditioner?

  7. ^^ ITA!!!
  8. I like LMB's pro-treatment (for new bags) and there feel soft moisturizer too!
  9. Hi , I think the bag looks amazing! I just got one from Barneys and it looks similar to your bag only with more veins, Everyone who has ssen the bag has flipped out for it.
    Maybe use it for a couple of days and see how you like it.
    Here's a couple of pics

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  10. is there any risk of dry leather? ie cracking or tearing? thanks
  11. I don't see the dryness that you're referring too either. IMO she looks beautiful.

    If it bothers you, you can also try Nivea lotion that has worked well for me. There are oodles of threads in the Balenciaga reference library that talk about conditioning your bbag and other user's experiences.

    I use Lubriderm if it just needs a light conditioning, LMB's conditioner for a medium one, and Nivea enriched lotion if it needs some tough love. It's like the 3-steps to a better tomorrow. :nuts:
  12. ITA!!! that leather is totally gorgeous and once it's been moisturized it will be even better!! don't give up - you have a beautiful bag! :tup:
  13. I love how your bag looks! It's veiny but not dry. I don't mind the veins if it's not too much but really don't appreciate the dryness. Did you condition yours?