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  1. Just returned from a fabulous week in Paris and have to say, I was really disappointed with the main Hermes store.

    Went there on Tuesday afternoon and it felt more like a department store than an exclusive, high brand store. The place was packed and my husband laughed and said there was basically 4 types of people in the place;

    1) Mutton dressed as lamb
    2) Goldiggers with more money than sense
    3) Homosexuals
    4) Tourists who had wandered in to see what all the fuss was about

    As I decided not to buy ANYTHING in the shop, I think I fall into the 4th category!

    I had thought about buying an Evelyne PM but after viewing the frenzied buying, decided I really couldn't justify spending 1140 euro on a single bag so headed out to La Vallee discount store and bought;

    1) An Armani wool jacket in a lovely grape colour. Cost 240 euro
    2) Longchamp suede slouch bag, suede gloves, suede belt and a leather bracelet with a cute little Longchamp charm. Cost 310 Euro
    3) Lancel leather bag in a gorgeous fushia colour. Cost 214 euro
    4) Escada boots in blue suede from a kid's shop (I'm a 38 so can get into childrens shoes) plus a Escada Gilet in the same colour with embroidery across it. Cost 118 euro
    5) Molton Brown travel set with 6 minatures (x2). Cost 30 euro
    6) Darjarling dressing gown in a raspberry shade with little embroidered "smarties". Cost 45 Euro

    Then went to Galeries Lafayette and bought a pair of Parcours Boots in a lovely dark blue and suede leather. Cost 197 euro

    Total 1154 euro

    Now, don't get me wrong - I do love Hermes products [I bought my grail scarf "La Vie Du Grand Nord" in Cashmere from a lovely lady on eBay recently] but I really can't justify spending 1140 on a single bag [that isn'ts lined or anything] when I can get SOOO much more from other outlets where the sales assistant really took the time to chat to me [and didn't laugh at my pigeon French] and my husband wasn't getting "eyed up" by some over 50 bloke! :sweatdrop: [BTW, before anyone makes a comment, he thought it was flattering - and we both have no problem with individuals who chose to share their lives with the same sex].

    Whether I buy Hermes in the future - probably, but I don't think it's as luxurious and exclusive as people make it out to be. There were ladies there buying 3, 4, 5 handbags [and yes, they included Birkins] which I found obscene and a bit vulgar to be honest. Sorry Ladies but I wasn't impressed.:tdown:
  2. Next time you go to France, go to one of the smaller boutiques in the smaller cities, the shopping experience is quite different there.

    The price is always a subjective thing, just remember that Hermes goods are being handmade in France and you have a lifetime of repairing them. As much as I love Longchamps (and I am a big fan), they do produce in China and you cannot have the items repaired (at least as far as I know).

    The mothership is quite a circus and you seem to have entered at 'rush hour' time.
    Enjoy your new goodies, they sound divine!
  3. I'm so sorry you didn't enjoy yourself! Your experience and list is hilarious though. :roflmfao:
  4. I too don't like the Hermes boutique in Paris. There are too many people and sometimes it is quite annoying. Many SAs don't seem to welcome walk in customers. Luckily I was introduced to one lovely SA who can get me some nice bags. But if I didn't know him, I don't really bother going to H store in Paris. I prefer small H boutique with less people.

    I am glad you had a Fabulous week in Paris!! ;);)
  5. :roflmfao:

    Your post made me smile this lovely sunny Sunday morning
    I love your husbands four types of person not sure which one I would fall into
    none of them I dont think.

    Single independant female middle aged that likes quality I think ( or is that a dreamer)

    I notice your in Scotland and I say is this the Scot coming out in you???
    ( tease tease tease):graucho: All my best friends are Scottish and I spent alot of time there ( Cairndow)

    You have a good point , however even one Hermes purchase tends to hold its value I can only think of one other brand that does this.
    So its a good investment, when I visit my favourite designer shop
    ( oxfam Ken High street ) and I see all the designer labels selling cheap as chips for worn items this backs my thinking up.

    Sounds like you had a great time and have some lovely purchases
    and so glad you like your Hermes shawl

  6. Why?
  7. Justify H? There is no point talking about justification when we are buying luxury goods.

    I'm sorry H didn't turn out to be as exclusive as you like, which is a good thing for me, else I'd never be able to buy it. :roflmfao:

    For me, I'll just buy whatever makes me happy, I don't care about what others think or whether many people buy the same product as I do.
  8. 1) Mutton dressed as lamb
    2) Goldiggers with more money than sense
    3) Homosexuals
    4) Tourists who had wandered in to see what all the fuss was about

    Respectfully...ofcourse...I have to say this list just PISSED me off. The most wealthy people can and do dress like crap.

    Gold diggers, well, I do not know any, but if they have the money, why not bein Hermes.

    Homosexuals (HATE THAT WORD) are the BEST shoppers, usually the best dressed.

    Travel=tourists...why not go in Hermes when traveling on vacation.

    Im sorry. Your post really rubbed me the wrong way. Snobby and *****y. Sorry all walks of life ruined your experience. Good lord. Maybe you should have bags shipped to your house and you can look at the them in the privacy of your own home as to avoid "homosexuals", people not dressed to your standards, people on vacation, and ofcourse gold diggers (what DO they "look" like anyway.)
  9. Sometimes it gets really frenetic in that store, and the SAs can be very harried. I have found it stressful at times. I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience.
  10. No offense taken, it is a bit of a zoo there. Try the smaller boutiques like some of the members have suggested here.
  11. Sorry to hear that you didn't like it. Hopefully this won't be the same experience as I am planning to go the Paris in Jan/Feb next year!
    Hmm... Interesting to see that gay guys are in one of the categories... How could you tell did they shop there with their bfs LOL? What kind of stuff did people from each categories buy? (I would be quite upset to see a gold-digger type with no sophistication and class buying anything from Hermes though):roflmfao:
    There's also a store on George V as well... Which store would have better inventories and customer service?
  12. OH you have met me and my best friend. at least you could have come over to say hi.:crybaby: but ptobably you belonged to number 4 so maybe it was best to not bother me you know mere mortals tend to piss me off and are an eyesore

    sorry if that was inappropoiate but so was the opening post at least to me
  13. OK...here we go...

    Ladies everyone is welcome here to state their opinions whether you like them or not. You can't expect to agree with everyone that posts here. At times like this it would be best to answer in a mature and respectful fashion or don't respond at all.
  14. I'm so confused what mutton dressed as lamb is. What is a mutton? :lol:
  15. Ohhh dear
    I think the lady who posted did not mean to upset some of you
    I saw the light side to it and did not find it offensive in the least

    re homosexuals ( gay)
    I have so many gay friends and they call me there

    Which does not offend me at all !

    Ok neish is now backing of this thread as it looks like its gonna get some keyboards really hot n sweaty
    Chill I say

    au voir

    This is what she posted re gay,
    and my husband wasn't getting "eyed up" by some over 50 bloke! :sweatdrop: [BTW, before anyone makes a comment, he thought it was flattering - and we both have no problem with individuals who chose to share their lives with the same sex].

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