Disappointed - need advise please

  1. I'm going to be buying my first LV in about a week & a half. In fact, it's going to be my first designer handbag ever! I can't wait! I decided on the Monogram Alma - I love everything about it!

    But........I phoned the closest LV store to me and they don't have any in stock & have no idea when more might be coming in. He said it's possible some could come in in time, but no guarantees. He also said they can order one for me if there aren't any when I arrive, but again, no guarantee on how long that could take. :crybaby: Talk about bursting my bubble. Sigh.

    What does everyone think I should do if they don't have the Alma in stock? Hold out for it or choose another style? There are definitely other styles I love but since this is my first designer bag, and I probably won't be able to get another for quite some time, I wanted something really classic & versatile & I thought the Alma fit that well & I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

    A couple other styles I like are the Lockit & Batignolles...

    Hmmm...maybe I'm panicking too soon & should just calm down. Breathe...breathe...
  2. Stick to your all time Alma.
    It's true that LV stock can arrive anytime since the stores do not get to decide on what they can order, but max is about one month wait.
    If you need it NOW, just ask for a transfer from another boutique in your country. It shouldn't take more than a week.
  3. i think if you really like the alma.. you should wait for it... or ask the other boutique to transfer it for you =P
  4. Well there are Alma's in other patterns like the Damier and Epi, but if you have your heart set on a mono one, I'd have them order it for you!
  5. I agree, wait for your first love Alma. This is a big and memorable choice and since you first fell for the Alma it is worth the wait. I agree with Cece that you can always ask them to transfer one in if you need it or want it in the very near future.
  6. i don't think alma will be out of stock long. it's a permanent classic design and i think LV has some KPI about stock level :smile:. i :heart: mono alma!
  8. Thanks for all your replies. I do have my heart set on the mono at this time, but I know I'll defintely want something from another line in the future.

    But another thought just entered my mind. I could get the Lockit in Mono and the Alma in Damier! :drool: Not that I can get both now, but it would be nice to have both styles, but in different lines. (This is of course assuming they'd have either of those in stock).

    And thanks for the tips about having one transferred. The SA I spoke to, didn't mention that & I didn't think to ask.
  9. :yes: Wait for your Alma, it should not wait toooo long. :p
  10. You should call/have the SA to call other stores! One store in the whole country is bound to have the Monogram Alma!!
  11. wait for your dream bag
  12. You decided on the monogram Alma, then go for it! Don't change your idea just because can't wait to have your first designer bag, I think you'll regret it.
  13. Okay! Okay! I'll stick with the Alma! :smile: You guys are right, that was my first choice & I admit I was just anxious to get my bag right away & was almost willing to sacrifice just to get one right away.

    I called my store again today & they've ordered my Alma in for me from another store & I should be getting it in about a week. Now to be patient (something I'm not so good at!) :cool:
  14. ^^ Glad to hear!!
  15. good for you! stick with what your heart desires and you won't regret it, even though it may take a little longer to get your alma. since it's your first designer bag, make it one that you really really covet!! :biggrin: be sure to post pics when you get it. ;)