Disappointed-item never received!!!!HELP...

  1. So here's the deal....On the 6th of January I bought with BIN a pair of gloves from an eBay store with very good feedback...I live in greece and the seller was from australia!
    I waited since last sunday but nothing came in..(3 weeks later!!!):tdown:
    I contacted the seller multiple times but noone answered...
    Today I got an email saying that they are on holiday and if I don't get this week to contact them again!!!
    I contacted them but again no answer...
    What should I do??? Completely eBay newbie here!
    Please help me what to do??? I paid with paypal...is there any way to get my money back?:sad:
  2. Yes, if you paid with paypal you can open a dispute or a chargeback (if you used a credit card)... im sure paypal disputes get everyone's attention.. regardless of the fact if theyre on vacation or not... do that asap!
  3. thank you very much...
    but how can I open a chargeback???
    Sorry completely eBay idiot here...
  4. If you used a credit card, you can go straight to your CC company and say that you used paypal (they will know what paypal is) to pay for an item you never recieved.. they will ask did you contact the seller, and you will say yes.. etc etc.. and say that you will like to dispute the charge and they will fight it and go to paypal and paypal will go to the seller
  5. Thanks I'll try and see what comes up...
    sorry for my stupid questions...knew I could rely on you...
    Have a nice day and thank you so so much...
    P.s now I'm trying to open a dispute with the seller through ebay...
  6. If you go to "My Ebay", on the left hand side, click on "Dispute Console". You then need to click on "Report a problem with an item"

    Put in the item number, and then you need to file an "Item not received" dispute.

    You need to make sure you DO NOT close this dispute until it is resolved. Even if your buyer requests you close it.

    Ebay/Paypal will then contact the buyer.

    Good luck!

  7. Thanks Kathleen I did that and it transferred me to paypal to open a dispute through there...it had buyer protection so I guess I could take my money back...hope it turns out well...thank you all
  8. Hello,
    Do you know how the item shipped?
    Do you have a tracking number?

    Personally I would give the benefit of the doubt to this seller w/ good feedback.

    Australia to Greece takes some time.

    I sold an item to a buyer in Greece. It took forever and was stuck in customs for at least a month!!!

    I'd research this a little more before filing a chargeback or complaint.
  9. Hi Gina
    I don't have any tracking numbers...
    It was posted with airmail...23 days?!!! I don't live in Neptune...
    I tried to contacted the seller but she wasn't willing to search for the merchant...
    what can I do? I'm not saying that they never sent the item..god no...I just want things straightened out..
    And the seller is the only one who can investigate...
    Thank you for your reply...
  10. Ok, if seller won't help find your item, that's different!!!
    She hasn't responded to your emails?
    That's terrible!!

    Keep us posted!
  11. Buyer is running out of time. Paypal dispute must be opend within 30 days. Paypal will give the seller 10 days to provide shipping information, if they do that, they will get more time to allow the parcel to arrive.
  12. I do understand that there can be a problem with international shipping.

    I had a case where seller couldn't/wouldn't provide tracking details, I won the paypal claim, and then 3 weeks later item turned up.

    I just sent the same payment back to the seller confirming receipt. The problem is, you only have a certain time to claim on Paypal/Ebay, and if you don't and you have the misfortune to have come across a dishonest seller, then you're stuffed. Best to cover yourself, and then, if item does turn up, you can do the honest thing and then re pay.

    Good luck!

  13. Only ever do this as a last resort! You are in breach of your Paypal agreement to do this and risk losing your Paypal account.
  14. I would wait till day 28 or 29 then file a claim for item not received. Let seller know you have filed a claim since the item has not been received. Basically, you are covering yourself from any wrong doing, should the item never some.

    I am from Canada and I have waited over 4 weeks for some items. But usually, when I e-mail the seller they do respnd back asap...and keep in touch.
  15. That is a long time, and the seller really should be doing all they can to help find the package. I hope that this all works out for you in the end.