DIsappointed in Spiaggia....

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  1. ...but I still bought it anyway.

    I finally (FINALLY!!) got to see Spiaggia in real life yesterday. Both Park Meadows and Cherry Creek Macy's in Denver have it.

    I was serously disappointed in how dull the colors are on a large part of it. I really wanted a dolce. Both stores had them, a total of 5 between the two stores, and all 5 were of the beach scene. Brown, brown, brown everywhere.

    My second choice for a "small bag" was the Bambinone. Between the two stores they must have had 10. Only 2 looked decent, the rest were BROWN or had headless bikini girls. One was very bight and colorful (it was the pink part) but had NO characters I wanted. I settled for one that had the unicorn and two cut off Bastardinos (my fave character).

    The Zuccas all contained headless bikini girls with their chest front and center. Ive decided there is only one specific print placement (for me) that actually looks good for Spiaggia on a Zucca and I've only seen one bag with it, so I ended up with a Gioco instead because I HAD to have Bastardino.

    I saw several nice Stellinas but I don't like that style and at least 3 really nice BVs but again not a style I really like.

    Not thrilled with either bag I did buy so in an unusual move for me I did not cut the tags off as soon as I came home. I will continue to haunt eBay and if I find ones that look better I'll return these.

    I definitely don't :heart: Spiaggia the way I :heart: the other prints. Not enough bright color. And it looks like Trasporto is going to be even BROWNER....
  2. mmm i think famiglia is the one i am going to strongly dislike

    but yea, just say no to headless bikini girls! i'm getting a zucca that kinda cuts her off, but has great placement of everything else :[
  3. Yeah Famiglia looks pretty dull too. Maybe we are just seeing really bad sample pics. The sample pic of Spiaggia looked much more blue than it really is.
  4. With Famiglia, I don't think you're seeing bad sample pix unless it's the one from the Japanese LeSportsac site. The Famiglia background is truly just tan. Tan, tan, tan. With dots. Tan with dots. :Push:
  5. How could LeSportsac take us from Inferno, Foresta, Amore to Tan With Dots? Blech.
  6. yeah spiaggia looked much more blue, which made it gorgeous... i was dissapointed too. i love some characters and the fishies but the overall color scheme kinda ruined it for me. :crybaby:
  7. :yes::yes::yes:
  8. I think w/spiaggia it's all about placement and all the bags I've seen in the stores have been ugly too :yucky: If you're lucky enough to find one w/the ocean scene you'll find your blue spiaggia. My sister didn't think she wanted Spiaggia b/c the bags she saw in Macys were :yucky: and she said all the bags were exactly the same as each other AND exactly the same on the front and the back :wtf:. Then I hooked her up w/Casey at Pulse and she got an amazing Spiaggia Bambino that she's so happy with. I also got lucky b/c I absolutely :love: my spiaggia zucca.

    My sister had a good point though she said if you didn't know that the placement was different on different bags and you saw the spiaggia at 1 store you'd say :yucky: that's ugly and I'm not getting one! She kept telling me spiaggia was ugly and I kept telling her she was seeing all the wrong placements. Luckily I was right and she loves her bambino!! :rolleyes:
  9. hence why i love the ocean scene instead of the brown beach scene =)
  10. I liked it on maro888s gioco..I believe she had some of it all on her bag. Otherwise, on this print...pass for me. The most seasonal bag I'm interested in buying is that vacanze print during winter holiday!
  11. I like my spiaggia more than I thought I would... it has the blue and pink stripe down the middle so it looks awesome... but I agree for some weird reason I only see the beach scenes at the department stores... maybe people bought a lot and just left those? :shrugs: but the tan beach is kind of annoying after a while. I want a small bag that looks like an aquarium after seeing someone's bag a while back!
  12. i actuallly like spiaggia a lot better after seeing pictures of other people's bags. i have yet to see one in person,though. i like brown sometimes; it depends on the shade, and what it's with. heh.
  13. I really dislike spiaggia, I have the same feeling with all the prints that have girls: playground, citta and pirata.

    I only love that little unicorn :heart:
  14. strange because most of the bags i see around the Bay Area are bags w/ the ocean scene :O i'm actually looking for a bag w/ the beach scene...i asked an SA from Nordstrom to ship 2 mamma mias from 2 different nords to the stoneridge location so i could try to pick a good placement...apparently nordstrom in Valley Fair has lots of MMs and dolces :O i need to go there one of these days....
  15. Well, it definitely isn't one of my fav prints. I like pirata better for summer. But you figure with the beach scene there is going to be a lot of shades of brown considering there is sand and tan bodies at the beach. I think there is quite a bit of color in the print it can almost be a little too busy for me at times. I'm glad I got it in the BV at least it looks like a summer tote.