disappointed in NM online

  1. My friend & I were so excited because we'd managed to snag 2 Miu Miu bags during the super huge NM designer sale online & were so proud of ourselves for being able to save so so much $$ on our buys.

    Then what happens today?

    NM sends an email to my friend. She had used her credit card to pay, & they told her that they had cancelled her order as her credit card could be used for online purchasing!! :crybaby::cursing: This totally doesn't make sense 'cos she uses the same credit card to purchased Victoria's Secret & she's never had any issues, so she called the local CC company to find out what happened.

    Not only does the CC company tell her that she can do online purchasing, but that NM had actually billed her CC, which the company had in fact approved! :confused1: The bank was ready to pay NM once they had shipped the bags out too!

    So what's going on!?! Not only have we lost our purchases (NM says that there isn't any more inventory of our bag choices) but my friend's CC recognised the transaction! I would've thought that, if the issue NM brought up really was the case, that the transaction wouldn't have processed & my friend wouldn't have been able to complete her online transaction at that very point in time!

    Super disappointed at the whole turn of events. :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. You should be persistent and contact someone at NM. Hopefully they will offer you some consolation. That's really unacceptable for a high-end department store's customer relations.
  3. i agree! does it sound like an anomaly?
  4. This is SNAFU when NM/BG have their big sales. They oversell things and basically lie to the people that weren't in line fast enough. I NEVER EVER shop NM/BG online sales any more, having been screwed in a most similar and most unpleasant fashion by them......
  5. was it the tan leather satchel you're buying? ship to where? they don't do online international orders unless one calls them up. such a bummer already :yucky:
  6. nooo! it was a plisse shopping :crybaby:i checked it out; in SIN it's selling for SGD2080, during the NM sale, after factoring shipping & GST charges it would've been SGD1280... i could've saved 40%!!!

    now i'm just going to keep an eye out for other bags to catch my eye.. having second thoughts about this bag now.

    oh, to answer your qn.. we were gonna get it vposted!
  7. dont feel too bad..I ordered a gauffre pouchette..for my 11 yr old...
    It came today..NOT ONLY in the WRONG COLOR...but with NO DUSTBAG...
    I ordered a dark blue one and a plum purple one arrives(Luckily...She likes this color...SIGH!)