Disappointed in new Quilty Pleasures

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  1. I received my new "quilty as charged" bag in the mail from Neiman's the other day and was really disappointed. I returned it to the store the next day. The canvas is very stiff and if just does not have the same feel as the original all leather Quilty Pleasure bag.

    Also the leather in the new one is smooth and plastic looking. not supple at all. Hate it:amazed:

    Just thought I'd share

  2. An honest review like yours really makes this blog invaluable!!
  3. I really think IF was trying to maximize the bump they got from the runaway success of the original Quilty Pleasures. Sometimes, you gotta leave well enough alone.
  4. I am sorry, because the bag looks so nice on the picture. That's the risk to buy on the internet, that makes your sharing of experience so valuable to us.

  5. It seems that this bag and the Metal Of Honor bags are not doing as well as the bag hoarders on eBay thought they would. LOL
  6. the canvas is kinda stiff and i agree with your opinion of the leather...i think the canvas will get slouchier...i don't know if i should take it back!
  7. Does the canvas get slouchier? I just purchased the one that is half that size if you guys know what I'm talking about off of NM. I should be getting it sometime this week. All this talk is making me scared and if I should keep it even though I haven't gotten it yet...:unsure:
  8. I'm not sure if the canvas will lose its stiffness. I just didnt like the bag enough to wait and see. My opinion may be biased though because i own the original Quilty Pleasures and was comparing it to that. If you don't have the leather one to compare it to then it might not be so bad at all.

    It just was not for me. I thought about selling it on ebay but as a first time seller i didnt want to deal with the hassle if someone bought it and was disappointed (like me) then wanted to return it.

    It was much easier to go to Neimans, get my credit and move on.

    I do think its funny that the Isabella Fiore bags are not selling as fast as some of the other ones in the past on EBAY. The ebay sellers have really taken advantage buying out all the quantity and jacking up the price......no one seems to be responding. I keep seeing the same items re-listed. Hee Hee :toung:
  9. I only like some of the bold tattoo IF bag..
    ;) like the wicked bag and the freedom bag... and the true love bag.. Those, are nice!!!:love:

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  10. I like the Freedom bag as well, but more as a limited use thing...I would never get my money's worth.
  11. Why does "quilty pleasures" remind me of toilet paper commercials? Specifically, the ones with those 3 little cartoon ladies who quilt the tp?
  12. I'm sorry that happened, b/c I thought this was a cute bag, remineded me of gucci...