Disappointed in my SDJ :(

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  1. Hi everyone, I got a SDJ not even a month ago (I think my reveal is still on the first page of this forum) but today I noticed the hanging lock has the leather all cracked and peeling. I've used this bag less than 5 times, and I always baby it because it's white!

    I can't bring it to the original store I bought it at, but there is a YSL near me about an hour away. How is their return policy for stuff like this? I'm nervous that they won't let me because I've already used it, but honestly for the price I paid I am kind of mad this happened!!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. It's totally unacceptable and I am pretty sure they will exchange or give you a replacement part.

    Please keep us updated! :smile:
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  3. That's terrible. You should bring this up to the SA.
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  4. I would definitely bring it to the YSL store and see what they have to say about it... That's so disappointing! I was really excited for you in your reveal and that someone was interested in the same croc embossed SDJ as me but seeing this makes me hesitant to pull the trigger. Hopefully they offer an exchange or replacement because like you said, these are not exactly cheap!

    Good luck, and let us know what happens!
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  5. Also, I'm really not sure on their policy, but if they stood behind their quality they would accommodate accordingly.

    Good luck!!
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  6. Thank you for the kind words and support, everyone!

    I brought it into Saint Laurent at Short Hills Mall in NJ, and the SA was incredibly nice. He said that it should not have happened, and he wil have someone local look at it before sending it to Paris. He also took the time to look over the rest of the bag, just in case, which I really appreciated. I was so nervous about going in but I feel a lot better now!
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  7. That's great news! :flowers:
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  8. Sbux what ever happened with your lock? Did SL @ Short Hills take care of this for you?

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  9. omg, that's awful! I've been looking into getting one too! you may have just gotten the one bad one of the bunch. I still have faith in the bag!
  10. Sorry to get back to you so late! I took a hiatus from TPF to study for boards.
    They did! They called me pretty soon after and I just picked it up. Good as new :smile:

    I hope you got one recently, I adore mine!
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  11. So glad for you!
  12. I’m glad to hear they are taking care of you. Please update us of your experience on whether the purse was properly fixed. Thank you.