Disappointed in how my baby cabas is handling wear--


Dec 18, 2006
I have only worn the bag for a couple of weeks and already some stitching came out at the bottom. I purchased from NM, but they don't have any more to replace, so they offered for me to return or that they would repair. I said I wanted to keep it, but I am also disappointed in how it is showing scratches--sort of lighter marks from the large silver dangler and just general wear.
What color did you get? That's a shame. A member who has the khaki told me the CC charm is peeling/oxidizing on the back side where it rubs against the leather of the bag. The leather itself is fine, as well as the front of charm. She has had her bag less than one month.
I know the black is easier to get scratches since the leather is distressed.

I haven't used my bronze one yet but I did notice some tears or cuts on the leather strip that is wrapped around the metal chains. I am not too happy about this and I know this is not only happening on mine since I have seen this problem on at least 3 bronze cabas. I don't know if I am too picky or what but for a bag costing that much I do hope that the leather quality is a little better than that.....but since it is not obvious and the leather on the bag itself is fine I will just kinda ignore those tears on the chain.
I wonder if you bag is made out of the same soft leather my fav chanel bag is?
I posted tonite about how I hardly take it out and it just seems to get so marked up.
I wish I new of something that would be helpful for us :confused1:
I just hate those marks ( and I'm super careful...darn)
Or maybe only certain styles have gone downhill? I wonder if the classic bags are also shoddily made. I don't think so.[/quote

I think the biggest problem with the classic flaps is that some of them has quilting/diamonds that are not symmetrical (very obvious too). So no, I think in general their quality did go downhill!
oh nooo. i really wanted a cabas but now i'm rethinking it. is their any color that doesn't have any problems? is it just the bronze ones? (and that is such a beautiful color too!)
anytime you buy that type of Chanel leather it's going to mark/scratch, it's just the nature of the leather.
The loose stitching though isn't normal, I'd have it fixed or replaced ASAP.
I've never had any quality problems yet.