Disappointed in Epi speedy 25

  1. Took a trip to LV boutique yesterday to look at black epi speedy 25 as I need a black bag. While I prefer the size of 25, I am so disappointed with the small opening and the black interior? Does it get softer with time? 30 is simply too large for my frame. How do you find anything in that bag with almost pitch black lining? How do you cope with these issues?
  2. Use a purseket in it, it will brighten it up :smile:
    It sucks that you'd have to do that but even the mono 25 is the same way.. its just dark in there.
  3. pursekett will keep it organize or you could brighten the interior up with some vernis in pomme d'amour
  4. then turn the lights on! :p jk! sorry, i needed a cheezy laugh. it's monday...
  5. I love my black speedy 25. I haven't had it very long (just since December) and it hasn't softened up very much.
    I have a bright pink pursket that I use in there and it does help to find things. I use the medium.
  6. My toledo Epi Speedy is older... made in 2000. It's a nice degree of softness (has a nice sag, too). I guess they soften over time, though I'm not sure how much time it takes.
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. cheezy laughs are always welcome on TPF! :roflmfao:
    but seriously, [​IMG] perhaps you can invest in a small penlight or one of those lights you attach to a key ring? I use those all the time.
  9. that actually helps. my dad got this free keychain light from Chase bank, and when you click on the light a bright blue light with a darker blue Chase symbol inside it comes up, kinda like the Batman sign, when he's needed. it's funny, i've been shining it on my walls all night and on my moms body when she walks by, she's getting pissed. haha..
  10. there is actually a purselight, squarish and you attach it to the interior, saw it on the tv some time (years?) ago, but I'm not sure if it was a German brand or available in the US
  11. ITA! Epi WILL soften w/use, so don't worry about it, but if you find 25's opening is too small, definitely do go w/30-you are not going to use a bag often if it's hard to get in and out of w/o zipper scratch!
  12. Epi will soften but after regular use...

    The opening was THE problem for me though...
  13. I just got a black epi speedy 30 for that very reason. The opening on the 25 is way too small! 30 is much better, and I use a red purseket inside with a bunch of pomme accessories.;) I love it!