Disappointed in DVF

  1. I am normally a huge fan of Diane von Fursternberg. I have all of her dresses, coats, and many of her pants. This season I fell in love with her blouses and purchased four of them only to discover that the buttons are coming off one by one (namely the Caridad blouses ... image below). I purchased some from her site ad the other from Saks.

    Anyone else experiencing this or do you know if she made changes to her production line?

  2. Beautiful blouse but that's terrible.
  3. I wanted her georgette silk ruffle neck blouse, but I ended getting a better one from BCBG
  4. That's a shame. I wouldn't have expected such careless quality from DVF. But it is a cute blouse.
  5. Can you take them back? That's such a shame....
  6. When I saw the title of your thread, I was in immediate agreement!! I've been complaining to my BF about the DVF dresses, skirts, and other items that I purchased this past year. Each and every piece has needed to go to the tailor after only 1 wear because the hems have fallen out! Its horribly embarrassing to be out and about and have a huge long string trailing you... And I expect that when I pay $400 for a skirt, it will not need to be taken to the tailor for repairs when its less than a week old.

    Anyhow, I've definitely noticed a change in her quality (but not her prices, of course), so I'm not buying as much DVF right now
  7. ^^ So with you, Claudette. I love her clothes but I expect more if I spend more. I wore this yesterday. Only at the end of the day did I catch myself in the mirror and noticed the hem line had come out and was trailing behind me. :sad:

  8. Ouch! I don't own any DVF pieces but I'm damn sure they shouldn't be coming apart so soon. Not for the price you're paying! Take them back, if still possible. If not, take them to the tailors and lesson learned. Good luck!!
  9. I just had to bring in a DVF dress to Nordstrom after the hem fell out immediately. They are re-sewing it for free but I can't believe this is not an isolated incident. It is interesting to hear so many of you are having the same problems. I have a silk shirtdress by DVF that I absolutely love and get tons of compliments on but the threads are running/unravelling. It's hard to describe. Luckily you can't really tell because the pattern is so busy. It's a shame to hear that these are consistent problems.