Disappointed in Coach lately.

Unfortunately, the Kira has glazed leather! Some pieces have more texture than others, which seem specific to the dye color involved. IMO the leather is pretty thin. It's nice enough, but still not my fav, as I also don't care for the thin glazed leather... but this has been a trend not just with Coach. I'm with you on the thick and more matte leather...or at least without the glaze!

I'm also with Nancy! Legacy and some of the older Bleecker bags...this is what I like. Even my leather Zoes have thicker nicer leather than some of my more expensive bags.
I'm sitting here with a $1,000 Merch. Card and was hoping the Kira would be a great "Coach Leather" bag. But, this is disappointing that it has glaze on it. $898 is not cheap. I would have expected it to have that great Coach leather.:shucks:

As mad as I've gotten at Coach this last year, I've still hung on to all my favorite "bags from the past." I won't let my disappointment get the best of me and sell my lovely collection off.:nogood:
I guess the reasoning is that not everyone want to carry heavy staples of bags because of the leather, and some may have health issues that limit the use of heavy bags or heavy ANYTHING. Over time, since our bodies do tend to go the "downward spiral" I'm sure they don't want to lose their aging population (call aging what you will in years) because they are making bags that don't provide the right use and flexibility.

I'm glad I got the few Legacy pieces I have, and a few of others, even though I find myself even with the Legacy carrying more weight for the crap I put in it than the weight of the leather.
Speak for yourself about age, Bunny!:lolots:

I agree about the weight. I finally parted with one of my favorite bags because it was WAY TOO HEAVY...without anything in it...my Natural Miranda!:crybaby: