Disappointed in bags purchased online

  1. How often does this happen to you?
    I'm so frustrated b/c my last two purchases were SO disappointing when I saw them for the first time. Just lousy leather. Kicking myself for being cheap when I could have bought a nicer bag with the money I've spent on a two or three junky ones.
    I'm so heartsick thinking about the two bags I'm still awaiting. I'm already pretty much resolved to buy fewer bags and spend more on them.
  2. I'm sorry! This has happened to me a couple of times, but luckily I was able to return. Though it was more about not loving the style of the bags and not that the leather wasn't good quality. It's such a sucky feeling though! You wait and get excited and then when it finally arrives, it's a major disappointment! Just out of curiosity, what were your last two disappointing purchases and which ones are you waiting for? Are you not able to return any of them?
  3. This (so far!) hasn't happened to me with bags, but I know the feeling with other items. This isn't the same, but I ordered a cashmere sweater a couple years back and it came and it was flimsy and just poor quality. It wasn't super expensive but I wouldn't consider it cheap either. I know the disappointment you're feeling... especially after anticipating their arrival!
  4. I hear ya. The only store in my state with a decent bag selection is Saks, which is 75 miles away in another city. Because of that, I do most of my ordering online. After a couple disappointments, I stopped buying so much. If a bag is more than a couple hundred, I try to make a trip to Saks to look at it in person first.
  5. I've had the same experience. I've sent back five bags in the past few months. I've mentioned in the forums before, I live about 2 hours away from anyplace that sells good bags. DH and I will make a trip to some of the stores, at some point, but I still send away for bags--with fingers crossed. I try to stay with online vendors that offer free shipping and returns. Of course, that's not always possible...
  6. Yup, definitely. Actually feeling it right now... *sigh*
  7. Yep, this has happened to me, too. I try to do as much research as possible online - looking at as many pictures as I can find (yay TPF!!) and thinking it through for what seems like forever, but sometimes I just get a bag and I think, "Blech." Like others have said, now I definitely check a store's return policy before I buy from them.
  8. What I find disconcerting is how retailers and manufacturers tweak or alter the color in pictures of bags. For instance have you noticed how consistently creamy-looking all the white purses on Nordstrom.com look?

    Some time ago I was hunting for a white bag and finally purchased an "ivory" colored Cole Haan after inspecting the bag on a number of shopping sites. On all the sites the bag looked white--except for Smartbargains where it was definitely yellowish. When I got the bag it was dowdy-looking gray. A really blah gray at that.

    Color is often the deciding factor when buying a bag. There's a big difference between white and gray. Or between firetruck red and wine. Or sunshine yellow and ivory yellow. I sure wish these shopping sites would try a bit harder to make the colors on screen more representative of what's on the bag. I wish they would show the bags as they truly are and refrain from brightening up or toning down colors in Photoshop.
  9. I think it has happened to me a few times too many - some bags i grew to love it - others are still in my closet because i keep missing the return deadline.. arrg

    i think one of the things that i really hate about online shopping is not being able to weight out how heavy a bag is .... most times i get a bag way too heavy for me to use...
  10. This definitely happens to me. I almost always only order bags online that have a no-hassle return policy (Nordstrom, Saks, etc.) for this reason. I only buy bags with no-return policy that I have seen in person.

    I think it's good to have quality over quantity, but as another poster said, I get bored so easily that I also have to have some variety too. :smile:
  11. I'm pretty lucky that I live in L.A. and can see most bags in person. It would be really difficult to buy a bag online, site unseen. You never know what a bag really looks and feels like unless you can touch it and see it up close.
    If I buy a bag online, it is something I have already seen in person.

    I agree in the idea of buying less bags, but higher quality. One you really start noticing the quality of better handbags, everything else that you once thought was nice seems not so nice. It's a blessing and a curse.
  12. I was truly amazed, astounded, and pleased when i bought my Zac Posen bags online. They are the most luxurious leather I have ever felt in a bag or even compared to a nice leather coat. I really try to do my research and see good photos or see them in person first.
  13. So far I've only mainly experienced it with clothes and have have vowed never to buy certain types of clothes online again! Last time it happened, I didn't even bother returning because I was lazy, but it was a lesson learned. The only bag I bought that I totally haven't liked has been a Hype bag. A real piece of bleh :sad: I was so disapointed since it was 130 that could have been spent better. Also doesn't really have any resell value at all. Once you go to good leather, there is seriously no turning back. I'm also real curious what bags everyone here has been disappointed in!
  14. I feel your pain. There's nothing like seeing, touching, feeling a bag in real life. That's why I only buy from sites I can return to without a problem!
  15. >>I'm also real curious what bags everyone here has been disappointed in!

    Bought a Dooney drawstring and the leather was like cardboard. It was poorly dyed and the paint was flaking off the leather the minute I took it out of the box. Now I'm a Dooney fan but I think their quality has left the building.

    Also bought a Stone Mountain, the brand being one that lots of ladies were raving about in another fashion forum I occasionally read. The leather was just plain icky.

    Purses I've ordered on online and have never been disappointed in: Wilson's Leather, Cole Haan (except for that one color problem), and L.L.Bean.