Disappointed in bag from eLux

  1. I had to share my frustration with you guys.

    My stepdaughter lives in another country and was turning 16 in March. So for her gift we decided to get her the mono accessories pochette. I knew she would love it and was so excited to get it for her.

    I didn't want to send it in the mail so we told her her Sweet Sixteen gift would be a month late and we'd give it to her when she came to visit us in April. Of course she was thrilled, and she took it everywhere on her 2 week visit. My mother got her a gorgeous Juicy charm to go with her new bag. The kid was in seventh heaven.

    I taught her how to care for the vachetta strap and explained how she'd have this bag forever, it's a classic, blah blah blah. It was too cute how every day she came home and put her bag away in its dustbag, and then in the LV box.

    Well....the day before she was flying back to Europe, we looked and the thread at the end of the strap was so loose the leather was about to separate. :yucky:

    My husband wanted to Crazy Glue it closed :wtf: and I said absolutely not, we have to return it and mail her a new one.

    So I'm now in the position of having to mail this bag, spend the money on Global Express, and she had to go home without her new LV after sending all her friends pix of it from her cellphone.

    I cannot tell you how sad this made me - her first luxury bag and the whole experience ended up being such a letdown. :cry:

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Hi peach...so sorry about the strap, although it sounds like the bag was a big hit! What I would do is...if the bag itself is in good condition, just call eluxury and have them mail you a new strap. It is removable, so its easy to replace. Good luck!
  3. Oh smallfry, I didn't even think of that, damn!

    We got a return label and exchanged the whole bag but the timing was terrible because she was flying out the morning after we noticed it - so no chance to get it fixed or replaced before she left.

    You're right though, it was a big hit and my husband was so pleased that we gave her a gift that she obviously adored. She's a great kid.
  4. that's horrible...! :wtf: been hearing a lot about eluxury lv going bad recently .... :hrmm:

    it's a good thing you could return it tho...
  5. Thats terrible. They sent me a used bag and now im having trouble returning it. =T
  6. sorry to hear! Wow there are several threads going on here with members having problems with Eluxury!
    I had a problem with my first purchase from elux- mono pap 26- the canvas chipped off a little after a week use! I returned it but I had to talk the customer service rep into it because at first she was trying ot tell me that I can't return it because I used it for a week. She then let me return it, and I had to keep calling and calling to find out what the status was. Finally they said that they were able to exchange it "as a one time courtesy" and that the reason the exchange took so long was because there was chipping off the canvas-like it was my fault!