disappointed in a repair...

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  1. okay, so i got my legacy shoulder bag back (turnlock fell off). and i'm a little disappointed in it.

    when you lift the flap up, it looks like there was glue or something on it because the leather is stained. (kinda like when you get water or something on it).

    but what really bothers me, for some reason, is the new turnlock. the other turnlock, well, "locks" into place to keep the flap closed (you can basically hear it 'click' once its horizontal). this one doesn't. it sorta moves more fluidly, like it's possibly a bit cheaper? maybe? but it's driving me CRAZY.

    i know its insignificant...but i just had higher hopes for the repair...i mean, i take it there's nothing that can be done now about it, right? should i just suck it up and live with it?
  2. If you are not satisfied with the repair, I'd take it to a nearby boutique and talk with a manager about it! Coach will work with you till you are satisfied, I'm sure of it! Those bags have a lifetime warranty for a reason-- I'd keep taking it in until I was satisfied. That's an expensive bag! Good luck!
  3. but, technically, they fixed the problem. the problem was a broken turnlock and it was replaced.

    i just didn't think i could be nitpicky, especially since it's not a problem with the construction of the bag (well, not really).

  4. I'd be nitpicky just becauase of the price of the bag and the lifetime warranty-- that's just me. I know that if you're unhappy with something Coach will work very hard to make it right, and if there's glue showing and stained leather, especially, that's shoddy workmanship on the part of the repairer. It can't hurt to take it in and talk to someone, kwim? Even if they say there's nothing to be done, at least you will have exhausted all avenues to get satisfaction.
  5. I agree with Sarah. If you are not satisfied I would take it back in. This wasn't a $40 bag!!!!

    I would definitely take it back in, no question about it.
  6. You're not being nitpicky. Take it in. I certainly would.
  7. I'd take it in and tell your SA that you aren't happy with it and explain why. I have to agree that you aren't talking about a cheap bag here. You should be satisfied with the repair.

  8. OMG your icon in your signature :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. I'd take it in.
    Afterall, you paid big bucks for it, YOU should be happy.
  10. This is Coach, they would not want you running around being dissatisfied with their product! Take that baby back in until you are 100% happy with your bag.
  11. ^^ I agree, you should be happy about the repair and I think they should have cleaned up after themselves better, if you kwim.
  12. Take it back! :yes:

    I have had one repair with Coach so far... I sent it in twice and finally ended up speaking to the company. They couldn't replace the bag as it was no longer being made, but they made very good on it with me. I was very impressed with all they did to make me happy! This was a few years ago... it was the last Coach bag I bought until last year.)

    BTW, I ended up taking it to a leather repair shop and they got it perfect.
  13. I had sent a bag in for repair a few months ago. When I got it back, I noticed there was glue (I think its glue) around where the strap had to be reattached. I wasn't satisfied (and upset cause it was my first Coach and a gift from my mom) so I took it into my store. The manager said that kind of repair was unacceptable and she shipped it back to Repairs. They sent it back to me saying they had fixed the problem (reattached the strap) and thank you for being a valued Coach customer, blah blah blah. I was upset with that but I just stuffed her with paper, placed her in her dustbag and she's in the closet. Sad. :cry:

    I was turned off and wanted to stop buying Coach but I'm so addicted to the styles/signature/look, I had to keep buying!! :graucho:
  14. Wildflower, how did they compensate you?
  15. kallison, I'm so sorry you weren't satisfied with your repair. I know what it feels like to want your bag back perfect and it comes back looking.. well.. yuck. Have you called Coach CS yet?