Disappointed by MBMJ bag quality - Hillier handle came off

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  1. I actually sold this bag to a friend, but she contacted me to say that the ring that holds the handles onto the bag came apart. Neiman Marcus wouldn't let her return/exchange it since she wasn't the original buyer, so she had to mail it back to me so I could return it. Not only do I feel bad for my friend who had to mess with this, but a $400 bag should not be falling apart!

    There are two little screws on each ring that connect the handle and strap to the bag. I guess with normal wear they came loose and fell out without her realizing it. Three out of the four screws are completely missing, and the last one looks ready to come out.

    I didn't take a picture of the "damage" yet, but the green arrow is the little screw I'm talking about.


    This whole ring came off.
  2. I started a similar thread about MBMJ replacement rings a little while back. Another member mentioned that this seems to be an issue with the Hillier. I did a quick ebay search and noticed that quite a few of them have hardware issues and broken rings
  3. Bumping this to follow up.

    I returned it to Neiman Marcus and the SA didn't even look at the bag to see if it was defective like I said. I guess they have seen a lot of returns for this bag?

    Anyway, here is the picture.

    The 2 screws completely fell out on the left ring. Only 1 fell out on the right ring.
  4. seems like something that would be fixable, but that's weird they did the rings that way. the one thing that baffles me with MJ bags is WHY HE DOESN'T USE SOLID RINGS ON ALL THE BAGS!?!?!?

    the fact that so many of the bags (MP, newer stams, even my julianne) have these rings that notched out and have this weird lil breakable piece of hardware in them or they like this above just baffles me. The only reason i can think is that it allows them to put the hardware on at a different step in construction, but i think these bags would be much more sturdy with solid rings...

    plus they're fun to play with when your on a long car ride :P
  5. Oh dear, this does seem to be happening a lot. It's heartbreaking! I've been considering a hillier hobo!
  6. No wonder there have been so many Hillier hobos on eBay that are being sold with that little ring missing! Hopefully they'll fix this flaw and release this style again soon!!
  7. anyone know if this can be fixed at the marc by marc jacobs boutiques or something? it seems like a common problem... and a lot of us tpfers have this bag...
  8. Wow, was not aware of this issue. I was considering the Hillier hobo, too. At least I am glad to hear the SA agreed to replace your bag. How time consuming to have to deal with this though!
  9. Wow.. glad I've read this thread... thanks for the information.. I am officially taking a pass on Hillier hobo now...
  10. i carefully secured all the hardware on my hillier with superglue... then when it was done drying and all set, i cleaned off the excess with some nail polish with acetone.

    so far, so good. I still constantly check the hardware though

    agreed that a solid/casted ring would be BEST.. but with the double grommet handle detail on this bag in particular, this was their solution to adding the ring/handle attachment.
  11. same here... and it's a shame, because I love the style :sad:

  12. Thanks for that tip Luna :tup::tup:
    I think I will do that to my hilliers
  13. That's really ridiculous when you pay good money for a bag - sorry you gals are having to mess with this!
  14. Thanks for sharing your experience, because I was considering getting a Hillier this fall in the grape color. I'm just glad you were able to return it without any hassle!
  15. ^ The bag in Grape in not the Hillier but the Lil Riz Hobo. I don't believe it should have this problem seeing as the handles aren't attached with those rings. You should be good if you were truly considering this bag!