Disappointed by hot red colour

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  1. I ordered the 5 zip mini in hot red with gunmetal HW and when i opened the box my heart sank. The colour is nothing like hot red. It is bright, more like orangey, light red, coral tones. I dont understand how this is hot red at all.


    The bag is pretty, regardless, however this has happened to me more than once that i order one of her bags and the colour is completely off. It is misleading and pictures on different websites dont help.
    I just needed to rant.
  2. names can be misleading
    I bought a wine RM bag and it looked more like Cranberry to me
    I bought a kooba bag in Rose and it looked coral
    I bought them at bnm stores so knew what I was getting but though the names seemed wrong
  3. for RM bags, it's a bit unrealistic to pick the color just by what is called. it's necessary to search the web to look for mod shots and photos taken under natural light to see the true color. but it's great that you have an option to return it. as an overseas customer like me, i really hesitate to ship it back even though there's an excellent return policy because usually shops don't pay for intl shipping fee and it is a lot for shipping a bag worldwide, could be half or 1/3 of the price of the bag. crazy!

    better luck next time! :heart:
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    I can completely understand your frustration.

    I received my Hot Red Cupid today - the color is more of a watermelon. I had done a bunch of research online and was preparing myself for it to be pink-ish. But it's definitely more of an orange-y watermelon. I've no idea how to describe it.

    My Cupid can't be returned, while I wish it has a bit more red to it - I'm digging the pop of color. Only thing is - I received it today and the shoulder strap is broken - the screw is completely undone on the end. Hoping to get it exchanged without issues.

    I feel you though - the name and initial stock photos are completely misleading.
  5. I have a hot red cupid.. I would describe it as the neon red color you see in red neon lights from old building signs in the 80s.

    I like it tho. Different...
  6. Here are some photos of my Hot Red Cupid in case people want to see how it's not very Hot Red...


  7. Wow. That is one amazing colour. I love the watermelon shade. Thread Starter, if you are looking for a real red, the colour they came out with was fire engine red. I believe that is true hot chili red. Hope it helps. :wave:
  8. I understand your frustration, I was unsure of the color myself so before i bought my MAC I googled the RM hot red color. Even though the color looked different in all of the pics, I feel that I was able to get a good idea of the color. I love the color but maybe because I was not looking for a red bag and I knew that the color would not be red. I can understand if you were looking for a red bag and got that color you would be disappointed lol
  9. gosh! broken strap?! what happened to the store? hope you get your refund or exchange. RM is famous for poor quality control. it's really a hit or miss nowadays, slap!

  10. I'm hoping to hear from them Monday about getting it replaced. I want to keep the bag - I just haven't used it yet because I don't know what solution they will give me.

    Here are a couple other photos taken outdoors to get another feel for the color.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397364388.863925.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397364411.383373.jpg
  11. I just bought a hot red MAB tote . I love the color but I don't categorize it as red, more coral to me. I actually saw it in person and couldn't resist the sale price at Nordstroms . I haven't actually broke it out and used it yet. It will make for a good summer bag. It actually reminds me of Red My Fortune Cookie nail polish by OPI . It's funny because seeing photos of that color all the photos look darker and more red than it does in person, while RM 's hot red photographs as more pink than it is IRL.
  12. Oh no...makes me worry about the quality too now. I was planning to order from Ebay though. Me thinks a seller would check a bag for faults more closely?

    The color is beautiful btw.! I was trying to decide between a hot red mini 5 zip and a neon pink mini mac. I was a bit more drawn to the cool neon pink though and am very happy with my decision.

    Though it has been the hardest thing to find matching jewelry and accessories for it :/ all the neons this year are more of a red/pink neon. I attached an image for comparison of the hot red and neon pink.

    Attached Files:

  13. me too :smile:
  14. I think the best "reds" of RM are the Scarlet and the Fire Engine. Those are really red. I love the hot red. It is a neon red very similar to watermelon.
  15. I had this problem with blue. I was looking for a royal/cobalt blue and this season's 'Navy' (which here in the UK would be very very dark) turns out to be that kind of colour