Disappointed by Damier Graphite

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  1. Is anyone else disappointed by the Damier Graphite line? My SA held three styles for my SO and me to look at. We were sure to buy at least one of them...but, after seeing the line in person, we just weren't sold. We didn't like that the canvas looks more blue than charcoal grey. Instead, we came home with a Damier Beaubourg for him and a Damier Geant Loup (in black) for me.
  2. Well, the graphite is surely not for everyone... but am quite happy with mine though. Also, I think if it does not hit you today.. it might just grow on you.:smile:
  3. Oh no! I loved the grey and black. I hope its not too blue-ish. I have not seen it yet IRL. I'm going to get my first burberry bag on Monday and will stop by LV to check out graphite.
  4. Indoors it has a blue glow to it, but outside its definitely black and gray :smile:
  5. Saw it in person today and picked up a piece and there is no doubt that it is grey and black! I love it! Bring on the graphite!
  6. I adore that dark greyish blue colour so I'm definitely not disappointed by the Graphite line at all. DH has been eyeing off the Brazza Wallet! Uh oh... now I'm in trouble.
  7. Definitely NOT disappointed here. IMO, Graphite is TDF!!
  8. Allthough I like the azur more, I don't mind another damier colour. It's nice with a little variation.
  9. I saw the Brazza wallet and the card holder yesterday and loved them!!!
  10. I really love the graphite, but I can understand where you are coming from. I also am a firm believer in buying what you love so I am glad to hear that you passed on it but found something else that makes your heart sing! Congrats!
  11. i agree sometimes the pieces look dark blue vs. black & grey, but i still like the graphite line.
  12. I am not feeling it either. :confused1:
  13. Not disappointed for me, but not as what I expected. BUT I definately LVoe it! If you have a look at them outdoors, it is grey and black.
  14. i love it!
  15. I can't wait I hope it comes in a speedy and I hope it's here to stay....even the blue would not bother me...I love my speedy Damier 30 but not a fan of brown...it's my only brown purse and I would be first in line for this in any women's style. It's the only thing that has made me dream of a new LV in a long time. I want to hold out because so many of the LE or limited runs become regular ones.