Disappointed by Celine

  1. My new Bittersweet small/medium arrived today, and I can't say I am thrilled. Whereas the large size was enormous on, this one is too small to slouch properly, so it looks like a straightened kidney bean on, and it stays right up under my arm rather than draping down. I am not happy. And to top it off, apparently Celine raised the price to $1050 for the small...I was told by my SA that it was $980, but the tag on my bag says $1050. They still have no idea when the "strappy" version (that Angelina Jolie has) will come in, and that one is a whopping $1700! Not sure it is worth it for this bag. I may send both the large and small/medium back to Celine and just ask for a refund at this point. The first bag was not the one I thought (I thought it was the strappy bag), the smaller version is too small, and at this point I am still without a bag and Celine has had $1200 of my money for over a month. This is why we need actual boutiques or stores that carry these bags in my area...it is so hard to buy a bag that you can't try on, or know that you are even getting the right bag! :sad:
    Celine small.jpg Celine large and small.jpg Celine hanging.jpg
  2. Oh dear - sorry you are disappointed. mind you, I tried the large one out in a shop the other day, and I love it. Plus, I love the colour you chose?

    XXL is so in season, and this colour and style is timeless, IMO. Why do you feel it is too big?
  3. I love big bags :<

    I can't stand small ones these days. Lara is also right, huge bags are in :biggrin:

    Even if they weren't in..I still use them.. It's just comfier!
  4. Yeah, honestly they dont look like they worth $1200.
  5. Well, I put my stuff in the large bag and the bag was still basically empty. And that made is slouch weird and just look flat. I think if I was taller/thinner it would work, but it's just not working out for me. I sent both bags back today...the search resumes. :s
  6. I understand your frustration.

    If you didn't love the bag, it's good that you sent it back. There will be something out there for you to LOVE!!!
  7. I think you did the right thing to return the bags, if you're not entirely happy. :yes:

    Are you still going to try the 'strappy' version, when it comes in?
  8. aww that's too bad. I loved the large bittersweet when I tried it on at the Celine boutique. It is really large, but then maybe a water bottle, an agenda, a book and a mag will help? That's what I'd need it for anyway...

    Can you post a pic or weblink so we can see the Angelina Jolie strappy one?

    Good luck on your bag search!