Disappointed, but THANKFUL I didn't pay... **not for the faint of heart**

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  1. Ok, since you are brave enough to read this, AND look at the pics, I will tell you the story!

    **DISCLAIMER** This is very gross, if you just ate lunch, I suggest you wait until it's digested, and then come back and read this!

    Ok, so last week my new-to-me Hamptons Twill Market Tote Carryall (that's a mouthful) came to it's new home!! I loooove the bag, but it didn't have hangtags! So I set out on the Bay to find some. And I found the PERFECT listing!

    It came with a white dustbag, and a extra large Yellow hangtag, from a scribble tote, and a small lime green one with a white back from a lime green swingpack. They would have been perfect with my new navy blue bag! I even added a silver medal hangtag to give it that clunky sabrina hangtag feel!

    Here are the pics of the hangtags:


    I won them for only $5.75!! Usually hangtags go for alot more! Especially extra large ones!!

    Then the seller emails me, and says DONT PAY!!! A Cockroach got to it! And I'm angry, thinking oh, they are having sellers remorse, and don't want me to buy it! So I send a message back, asking for pics, and this is what i got:


    Yes, a cockroach laid it's eggs ALL over my perfect new hangtag!!! It's like a Petri Dish!!!


    I think I'd freak out if I had roaches in my home... and I'd be killing someone if they got in my bag closet!!!!

    So this incident makes me wonder.... what if all our eBay purchases come from homes with... similar problems? YIKES!!!!!!! Does anyone else have a gross eBay Coach story?
  2. all i have to say is OMG - I can not believe this - I am SORRY
  3. Omg !!! That's just so gross thankfully that she didn't try and clean it and send it to you anyway!!! It really makes you wonder about that!!! Oh that's just sooooo gross. I hope you fund another one at a great deal
  4. glad pictures are blocked at my work LOL...this does not sound good
  5. lol mrodriquez, the pictures will horrify you!
  6. OMG!!! That's unreal!
  7. :throwup:

    At least the seller was honest about it.
  8. :shocked: sick!!!
  9. WOW!! :throwup:

    One word- Exterminator!!
  10. Wow! That's nasty!:throwup:
  11. There are no words - I am horrified. What does the rest of the house look like?
  12. i had goosebumps.its.....digusting....:tdown:
    sorry for your experience but i hope you find a great one soon...=)
  13. First and foremost... GROSS!!!! I have a few things to say about this.
    #1~ Thank goodness the seller was honest and didn't try and clean that nasty shat up!!
    #2~ Roaches are disgusting and you should ALWAYS carefully inspect anything you buy online for such intruders as they will take over your home in a matter of weeks, even from just 1 or 2 roaches!!!!
    #3~ I visited Texas w/ a GF of mine when I was in high school, I saw a roach at her grandmothers where we were staying and freaked!! It was a nice house in a clean neighborhood, in those southern states where it NEVER freezes it's hard to keep the bugs in check, especially if your neighbors do not!!! It can happen to even the cleanest of people.

    I wish you would have scored your gorgeous tags (they were beauties) but take this as a lesson that you ned to inspect items like bags, clothing...anything that comes from a private home, or for that matter ANY online sales!!!!

    I hope you find another set that will work for you!!!

  14. O M G :throwup:
    seriously! if a roach got to this and laid eggs?! where was she keeping this?! behind the stove? ewww think of her bags!!!
    mmmm i might wait to eat lunch now....
    at least she told you and didnt send to you! could you imagine?!?! GAG!!!
    keep looking i know youll find another great deal!@
  15. Sorry you didn't get the tag deal you wanted, hope another comes along. I used to live at a place with cockroaches, their eggs did not look like that. They lay one big capsule that hatches then the babies run away. I hate cockroaches!!!

    I bought a wooden parrot off ebay once to decorate my room and it had termites. I sealed it in a plastic bag and put it out in the hot sun for a couple of days. That killed them. I emailed the seller and let her know, she didn't reply. I kept the wooden parrot and love it.