Disappointed-Brown Satin Aumoniere

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  1. I received the brown satin aumoniere today and while I think the size is nice and the color is perfect. I am disappointed as it is IMPOSSIBLE to get open. I know the bags can sometimes loosen up but seriously I got it open ONE time and can't get it open again! :sad: :sad:

    It looks great with my dress but I think this bad boy is going to have to go back!

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  2. Ohh that's too bad - the clutch is beautiful (so's the dress:smile:
  3. Sorry to hear the Aumoniere didn't work out for you...I'm sure you'll find a wonderful replacement though!!!
  4. very cute!
  5. oh no that's too bad...its a gorgeous purse though... myabe an exchange to see if its just that one bag that you have a problem with?
  6. I had a french purse from a fresh shipment did just the same thing... took it back to LV and the SA's help me work a little... It's just fine now...:yes:

    Congrats! It really is beautiful on you (if you keep it)...:love:

  7. Is the kisslock tight? Is that the problem? Because it might just be that particular one and perhaps another one would be less stiff/tight? Or are you talking about it being hard to get things in and out of?

    I know this isn't exactly the same, but when I was looking at the koala agendas the first one I looked at was a huge struggle to open and then when I asked for another one, that push button clasp worked completely fine and was very smooth and easy to open!

    So perhaps you can still keep the brown aumoniere?
  8. I am sorry you dont like it.
  9. Yes... exchange if it's only the kiss lock... It really is a gorgeous evening clutch...:sweatdrop: :s
  10. aww that's too bad! that bag is soo gorgeous!!
  11. congrats! very pretty and the dress too
  12. That is beautiful get an exchange :biggrin:
  13. Yes, it is only the lock. I don't believe this one will ever work properly. Seriously me, hubby and my dad all were only able to get it open once!
    I don't think there are any more at my local LV though and I would hate to send this back and receive another with the same problem. I just don't have the time for that! LOL Like I am so busy or something but the party is right around the corner so it's a no go. I will keep working with it tomorrow as I can't send it back until after Thanksgiving anyway though!?! Maybe it will loosen?:shrugs: :shrugs:
  14. The bag & your dress are lovely.:smile: Try to work it a little and maybe it will give a bit. I understand though, a bag that won't open can affect the mood a bit. Hope it works out!
  15. Crystal. Please accept an apology from an old lady. I'm forgetful sometimes:rolleyes: I had one item that the kiss lock was initially tight which work out fine after taking it to the boutique. Fast foward a decade later. I bought another purse with a kiss lock that twist in an angle when struggling with the lock that one was defective. You may possibly have a defective purse. I am so sorry that this "bad boy" won't be able to accompany you in that lovely gown.:sad: :sad: