Disappointed at LV Atlanta

  1. Has anyone ever gotten anything heat stamped at LV Atlanta? I dropped of a wallet that I got for my BF so they can stamp his initials and they said it would be ready in 2 weeks. TWO weeks??!! They do it in the store, why would it takes two weeks? We went back 2 weeks later and it's STILL NOT READY! I was disappointed, but I just shrugged it off. They said it will be ready the following week. Yeah, okay. This time I call instead of wasting time by going there and being disappointed again and the SA cannot find it. She tells me she will look for it and call me back... no call. The next day, I call again and another SA looks for it... can't find it and tells me she will call me back. Yeah, still no call back. I call back AGAIN and they say it was left with the guy who does the stamping but it's still not ready. :cursing:

    FINALLY after 4 long weeks, it is ready!! WHY did it take so long when they do it at the store?? I am going to pick it up tomorrow, I just hope it's not all messed up since they obviously don't care about it. GRRR. I just needed to vent, thanks for anyone who reads this!
  2. Oh! I'm so sorry to hear that..**hugs**.

    May be you can write the complain letter to LV...I think :idea:
  3. The longest it should have taken would be a couple of days, because for some itema they have to reassemble the machine a certain way. But 4 weeks??? I would ask to speak to the manager...
  4. Wow. I wonder why it took that long? When I had my speedy heat stamped at the LV in Denver it took them almost a week, they told me the heat stamping lady only came in once a week and that was why mine took as long as it did. Call the boutique and talk to the manager. There is no reason it should have taken that long!
    How about I went by there last Friday and the guy told me that it would take a week for my luggage tag and that my wallet couldnt be done because there was too much of a risk in doing the small leather goods????

    I was going to pick up my tag this Sunday when I make another trip back up there(2 hours away) but this doesnt sound good.
  6. again, that's lousy customer service, and 4 weeks is just too long!
  7. Every day I hear about the customer service probs @ various LV boutiques around the country......it's just unheard of.....whats going on @ LV?
  8. Just like lots of companies these days. I'm sure the staff has been cut back, pay is stagnant, benefits have been cut & mgmt. piles on the work & never gives anyone any thanks.
    I sure would complain to the manager though.
    I was there a week and a half ago (Atlanta) & was told heat-stamping would take 2 days. :confused1:
  9. Thats ridiculous! Was it the LV at Lenox or the LV in Saks?
  10. I'll answer my part until the OP comes back on here.
    I only go to the LV in Lenox, I went into the LV in Saks once only & apparently was flying in stealth mode that day since I was in there at least 10 minutes & nobody bothered to look at me or speak to me. I had my DD with me & she's 20 & dropdead gorgeous & she apparently was in stealth mode too.
    So I went to the LV in Lenox & dropped $1400.00 within 30 minutes. Not so stealthy there.....
    Sina, I like Lisa at Lenox, why not see if she can assist you?
    Whatever you do, let us know how this heatstamp issue resolves itself!
  11. you should talk to the manager...4 weeks is way too long!
  12. yup it was the one in Lenox. :tdown:
  13. The first woman I asked said it can't be done, the 2nd time I asked (I knew I would get different answers), the man said he was the one who does it and he can do it for me. It just depends on who you ask. So inconsistent. :rolleyes:

    You should call to see if it is ready before you waste your time driving there. It takes me about 20-25 minutes to get there from my house and that bothered me that it wasn't ready. It's not like I was planning to go there outside from picking up the wallet. Grrr.
  14. 2 DAYS?!!!! That sounds right and that's what I was expecting, but why was I told 2 weeks? It should not have taken that long from what I've read. They do it at the store for crying out loud.
  15. I know, it's the most irritating thing- different answers from different SA's, wish they would get their stuff together.