Disappointed at leopard stole!

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  1. i bought a new leopard stole brown color this afternoon from my local boutique. i was too excited and didn't check carefully.i got home,opened it,and i found a snag on it.it is like a
    slight pull.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    what should i do now,should i return it or ask for another one or change with something else?
    i'm so disappointed!!honestly,i didn't expect it to be such a bad quality.but carefully took a look of this stole,it doesn't look like it's from a respectful brand.it doesn't even have a tag on it(fabric tag or wash tag?). i seriously can't believe that!plus it has a snag on it when it's still brand new!

    i know there are a lot of leopard stole lovers on TPF, and lots of owners as well.but would u really say this piece is as good quality as it is supposed to be regarding LV's reputation?
  2. Sorry you had a bad experience. How about taking it back and exchange it for a new one? This is the LV thread so lets focus on it. The quality has really gone down which is a damn shame!
  3. Jessica1981,Thanks for your comment.
    I'm definitely going to take it back,just not sure if i should exchange it for a new one or maybe i should just exchange for something else but no more stole.
    i do like this leopard design,it goes with everything.after seeing so many modeling photos on TPF i was in love with this stole.but the quality is just so bad.honestly the quality doesn't worth more than 10 USD.
  4. Awwww! I'm so sorry! Well...I know that that particular scarf pulls very very easily so it would have happened anyway. That is just the nature of that scarf...it's extremely soft but the downside of that softness is it's delicacy. It's be fine you can't see the snags when you wear it. But if they let you exchange or return that would be great! I just know it can be tricky bringing things back to LV. Why not get a bag instead?
  5. Maybe it costs 10USD to make it??? I personally don't think it's worth the money since you can get leopard stole for much less! Buy something else. I am not very happy with LV right now as you can tell!
  6. thanks Forsyte,you are so right.it pulls easily.it'll be fine if i wear it,you won't see the snags.but still this is not right.coz i haven't even used it yet.:sweatdrop:.
    i'm just a bit shocked by the poor quality.
  7. i agree!It's not a decent price and it is poor quality.
    Thanks you for ur advice though.
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  8. Yeah for the price you should have something not damaged at all. I hope you can return!
  9. I recently bought the new Gris leo stole and I inspected it very carefully, mine was perfect. If you found an issue take it back and exchange it... otherwise return and buy something else. You definitely should get one that is free from flaws for the price!

    I personally feel they are worth the price, I've used both of mine so much and I find the quality very good. I haven't snagged either of mine ever and I'm not overly careful. I think that if people don't want to accept the nature of these scarves then they should refrain from buying them as they'll just end up unhappy :shrugs:
    Also regarding the tag, it should have a tag on the corner of one of the ends. Have a look for it, it can be hard to find, if it doesn't have it that should be a good enough reason to exchange :smile:
  10. jen_sparro:Thank you so much for your kind comment.
    about the tag,i took a look again.i did find it.:smile:Thank u
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    I have a damier azur stole.. I did find that it snags easily, like my ring made it snag, and OMG I almost caught it in my zipper of my coat! needless to say all time stood still as I looked at it, and gently pulled the zipper back to refrain from making a hole in it..

    I have had many stoles, scarf, made of silk, cashmere, 'pashmina', even burberry scarfs they all have the possibility of snagging.. it kind of goes with the territory, because of the way its woven, like patina getting darker or jeans fading.. Regardless of the snag I have on my azur, I know that its made from silk and cashmere blend, and I love how soft and airy it is.. For the price of the stole, its one of those thing you think shouldnt get damaged so easily, but its not a leather/canvas bag.. its a scarf.
    Enjoy your scarf, it'll keep you warm while looking stylish.

    BTW.. when I bought my scarf my SA unravelled it and layed it on the counter while we both examined it, to look for any possible snags, she then looked at me and asked me if it was to my approval, and I nodded, and she wrapped up.. If I remember correctly, I even signed a piece of paper/contract with her, after examining the stole, regarding the quality, that I got the scarf with out any flaws. and she then put that piece of paper in a file. =)
  12. Once again, I am so glad this forum exists!
    And excuse me please for going off topic, when it comes to snags, we are in the same boat.

    I recently bought some cashmere stoles, not LV, but Eric Bompard and one of them already has two snags, after 3, max 5 times of use.
    One snag almost resemmbles a tiny hole. :sad:(

    I was shocked and disappointed when I saw them and I wonder, if I should try to let it repair. The reapair of a single snag costs approx. 15$ and I am not sure if it is possible to make it go away 100%.

    I guess I will have to live with it.

    Silk scarves are way more sturdy, compared to stoles, I had no idea! Now I know.

    The stole is a very bright pink, I guess darker colours won't show snags as much as the bright colours do. What is your opinion?

    The reason why I am disappsointed: I take care of my precious clothes and accessoires: no velcro anywhere near the stoles.

    Obviously I did not take care enough.
    I suspect closure of the Tiffany "Bean" necklace or the closure of my studs to be the culprits.

    Do you leave your jewellery in the drawer when you wear your delicate stole?

    As long as there aren't any holes I guess I should not be too nit-picky and enjoy the nice quality (light, soft, warm) of the stoles.

    Again, thank you for being there and sharing your experiences.

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