Disappointed and stressed, I really need your help!!!

  1. Hi guys,

    I am waitlisted for the Tivoli PM on the assurances of an SA that the straps were adjustable, just like the GM. But as it turns out, the straps of the PM are not adjustable. :crybaby:I have never really liked handheld bags since I like my bags over my shoulder, so here's my problem. I want my first ever LV bag to be something I really want and what I want is a shoulder bag with zippers. Yes, I have considered the BH as well as the Hampstead, but both have open tops, which is really dangerous to carry from where I come from (lots of snatchers).

    So I would really appreciate your help and suggestions on what bag to get. I really love shoulder bags and would like for it to have a zipped top, as opposed to an open top. TIA!
  2. The popincourt haut maybe? Or the Palermo? That has a shoulder strap...
  3. why not just go for the larger size?
  4. What about the Tivoli GM?
  5. thanks for all your input guys! because I got so depressed, bf took me to LV boutique and I ended up getting the Epi Tote GM in black :smile: hehe, answered all my needs! thanks for all ur inputs!