Disappearing PMs

  1. Call me crazy, but I swear some of my PMs disappear. I always save them to my sent folder. If I'm replying to a PM the icon will show me that I've replied to the message, but it hasn't got saved in my Sent folder - and sometimes the recipients don't receive it. It feels like my some of PMs vanish into the great unknown.....
  2. oooh, weird! I don't think that's happened to me, but that's annoying!
  3. No idea what that could be :shrugs:

    Let me send Vlad in here to see if he has a good idea of what it could be!
  4. They haven't disappeared anymore after I posted but at that time the site was running VERY slow for me.
  5. Maybe something got lost in cyber space?!

    The internet confuses me.