Disappearing clothes

  1. Does anyone else have a problem with losing clothes? In one's own house?

    It's so annoying -- I do have a large walk-in closet, but I'm not the neatest of people. I've been searching for a gray cashmere cardigan I *just bought* for weeks now. I have no idea where it is, yet I am certain I didn't leave it anywhere but in my own apartment.

    I've also lost one YSL shoe. Where the heck could it be?

    I do not wish these kind of wardrobe misfortunes upon you, but I hope I am not the only one this disorganized!
  2. Your thread makes me laugh! Same things happend to me now and then. You have to wonder, where the hell are they? I usually find the item in the strangest place. I'd be mad about the YSL shoe! I usually blame my husband for some reason
  3. Happens to me every time! The only good thing about this I can think of is that my closet doesn't overflow as often. :nuts:
  4. hahaha this happens to me all the time!! I find I never find things I've lost untill I stop looking for them, then it somehow reappears! haha
  5. I bought a cardigan the other day and can't find it!!!
  6. All the time! The most infuriating part of it is that my apartment isn't that big, and I don't even have a real closet! (Due to long and frustrating circumstances, my roommate gets a closet and I have a stand-up rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond.)

    It's the worst feeling ever, and I always feel so silly when I find that it was right in front of my eyes the entire time!
  7. LOL!! I lose stuff in my closet ALL THE TIME. Part of the reason is because, like you, I'm not very organized so I get someone to do it for me. It goes well for a few weeks but then it becomes all muddled again. :shrugs:

    I need to be like Cher from 'Clueless' and have an electronic wardrobe or something! :biggrin:
  8. No way, that would drive me nuts! I'd put together the perfect outfit on my software, then not be able to find half the pieces!!
  9. Ahh, yes!! I haven't able to find my vince gray leather jacket anywhere!! I know I own it and that it exists, because I purchased it myself! :upsidedown: I swear the floors must randomly open up and take things haha. :rolleyes:
  10. Yes!!! It happens all the time! The most mysterious is my favourite DVF dress that went missing almost a year ago. Where could it possibly be? It has to be in the house somewhere. Otherwise, the only other explanation would be that it went missing when I was out of the house in which case... wouldn't I have noticed my dress went missing?

    I think about this whenever I'm in the car and I see a random shoe by the side of the road. How did that damn shoe get on the side of the road? Didn't the owner notice their shoe went missing? Didn't the shoeless foot get cold?

    Life is mysterious. :shrugs:
  11. LOL
  12. that happends to me sometimess is well..
    i have messy closet all the time..but one in a 2 months i clean my closet and i found eveything what i've been looking for a while ago..
    yeaah very funny..
    sometimes i have a bigger mess in my closet then my dear bf..:roflmfao:
  13. This happened to me before. The first few instances were because our maid at that time were stealing them.
  14. this is the story of my life... I'm to blame though as I'm a big slob. Every few months when I decide to do a major cleaning (or rather someone is going to visit and I'm forced to), I'm always amazed at the clothes I find.

    Often times when something is missing, I end up finding it inside the suitcase I used the last time I went on a trip and used that article of clothing. I'm almost always traveling to a different climate than the one I'm in so I rarely fully unpack when I get home as I don't need the stuff right away anyhow. Yup, my house is a mess :smile:
  15. the same thing happens to me I do buy stuff a month later I do wonder where half of its gone ...