1. Well, Update. I received my Large chocolate Muse today. No doubt beautiful bag. The first thing that I noticed after careful inspection is that "there is a thread loose" on the front of the bag, I could live with this. The second thing that I noticed is that one of the metal feet is half coming off. Now, I knew that the loose hand sewn thread was a possibility, but in all the bags that I have bought I have never had a metal foot loose on the bottom of the bag, let alone hanging off. Called NM, and of course they don't have anymore large chocolate bags left. Now I am torn. Do I wait for another large to come along do I get the oversize in chocolate, or do I try the Rive Gauche bag in chocolate? Anybody had any defects with the Rive Gauche? :hysteric:
  2. If NM is out of the large chocolate, how about ordering from one of the YSL boutiques? I think it is just terrible for a $1195 bag to have those defects... terrible.

    I think you might want to try the Rive Gauche. I love the looks of that one. It's going to be my next YSL purchase.
  3. I know that you are all going to think that I am crazy. I looked at the Muse bag again, and I figured out how to tighten the metal foot that was coming off. Evidently, if you stick your hand inside the bag and push on the bottom with the other hand the metal foot has two sides that push down and tighten when they are pressed. I guess it loosened in shipment and the little thread that was loose I burned with a match and this worked well. So I am keeping my bag. I hate drama. I suppose that when something is hand sewn or made by hand there can always be defects. I fixed it, so I am ok now. Thanks for listening guys. I was so upset, I LOVE this bag!:yes: Ps everybody check you feet on you Muse!
  4. Yea!!!! I am so glad all is well!! I am enjoying my chocolate Muse so very, very much! So, tell me... how did you take care of the loose thread? All my threads are OK except for the very last one that has a little string sticking out. What do you do with the match??? Thanks!
  5. It's a old military trick I learned from my dad, when ever he had a loose thread on his unifrom, he would touch a match to the loose thread and it would burn it down without burning the cloth. But be careful if you do this and make sure that the match only burns the thread and not the bag or any of the other threads. Sometimes when you do this it will make a hard knot where the fire stops burning and will prevent the thread from raveling again. Don't do it if your not sure.:s
  6. Thanks! I probably will not be brave enough to try it as I am such a "klutz" when it comes to doing handiwork like that! :P
  7. I think that the glue on the loose threads may be a good idea, someone suggested this in a prior thread. :s
  8. Great! You fixed it and are now keeping it! Chocolate and Ivory are my two favorite Muse colors. Congratulations and enjoy yours!
  9. Thanks! I am keeping it. :yahoo:
  10. I'm so glad that all is well!!