disapointed coach is opening in our town?

  1. i told my sis last night i noticed coach is opening in our local mall Aug 1 2008. she said oh, that is disapointing! she is thinking that coach will now bcome more commonplace in a town where even carly is unique. i hope not. currently, we have a dept store (holt renfrew) w some coach, or we can drive to the states or call toronto for phone orders. when coach opens in ur city does it become less special? do u see more girls w the bags once they r easier to acquire?
  2. When Coach opened in my area (spring of 2005), it became more popular in the area, but it still isn't EVERYWHERE.
  3. I am from the Chicago suburbs and EVERYBODY carries COACH...sometimes it is very irritating, especially because there are so many fakes around here!!! (We have several COACH boutiques and many department stores that carry them.)
  4. thats an interesting theory. i live in ny where availability to any luxury brand is not hard to come by. let us know if anything changes!
  5. Houston is a mecca for designer handbags and such. My Coach collection is just seen as another purse to everyone else. Im one of the only ones in my family that has them but it is not viewed as a luxury item with everything else out there. Many people carry fakes but just because everyone else has the same bag doesnt mean it cannot be unique with accessories and such. How many people would have a Chocolate Carly with a Strawberry Charm or Lavender Scarf. This just means you can become creative.
  6. We have 3 Coach stores in my area plus at 3 Macy's and 2 Lord & Taylors. And Coach STILL isn't everywhere. Actually, it's very rare to see a Coach where I live despite that it's "readily available".
  7. Ohhhhh yes, i really think it does (become ALOT more common)

    The carly is sooooo common in st. louis its unreal!
  8. I think it depends on the area. It's very odd because when I go to central PA, I mostly see people carrying fakes or factory bags, but they pretty much are limited to factory stores unless they drive to Philly or order online. Around here, there are a lot of people that carry Coach, but most people are into the sig stuff, whereas I'm not a big fan of it. So I very rarely see people carrying the same Coach bags that I do, even though there are a lot of Coach stores around. I do like that, but I would basically carry any bag that I liked no matter how popular it is or not.
  9. IMO Dallas is even worse. I went to Northpark mall and everyone was carrying Coach, including the 12 year olds and I think we only spotted 2 fakes in the bunch.
  10. There is one outlet and one store very close to my city and there is two Macys too, It is populat but it is very rare to see fakes around here. I think the reason is because they are available and we also have two outlets an hour away so its a good thing.