Dirty Sexy Money on ABC

  1. Remember the "We Love You Paris - The Darling Family" banner visible the day Paris was taken back to court?

    There is no actual Darling family. ABC sent that banner (along with taking out ads in the New York Post and the Los Angeles Times)to promote their new show.

    From abc.com:

    Some people say money is the root of all evil. They may be right. Nick George's whole life has been lived in the shadow of the Darling family, but as an adult he's leading the perfect life as an idealistic lawyer -- until his father's suspicious death. The absurdly wealthy Darlings of New York, who own lavish properties around the globe and frequently vacation in glitzy locales like London, Milan, the Swiss Alps and their beloved Paris, France have asked him to take over his father's job as their personal lawyer, but the money that will allow him the freedom to be an altruistic do-gooder is only part of the picture. That same money pulls him into the dubious doings of the Darling clan. Power, privilege and family money are a volatile cocktail.

    Clips can be found here:
  2. It stars Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) as Nick George, Donald Sutherland (Commander in Chief) as Tripp Darling, William Baldwin (The Squid and the Whale, Backdraft) as Sen. Patrick Darling, Natalie Zea (Eyes) as Karen Darling, Glenn Fitzgerald (Six Feet Under) as Rev. Brian Darling, Samaire Armstrong (The O.C.) as Juliet Darling, Seth Gabel (The Da Vinci Code) as Jeremy Darling, Zoe McLennan (JAG) as Lisa, Laz Alonso (Stomp the Yard) as Colin, and Jill Clayburgh (Running with Scissors) as Letitia Darling.
  3. Looks intriguing!
  4. Premieres this Wednesday at 10:00 on ABC.

    Power, privilege and family money are a volatile cocktail thrust on an idealistic lawyer when he inherits the job of tending to the legal (and sometimes illegal) needs of the absurdly wealthy Darlings of New York City.

  5. Nick George (Peter Krause)

    As a boy, Nick watched his father surrender his freedom and family as the Darling's trusted consigliere. Nick grew up in a troubled household where he was always second to the overpowering Darling family. Burned by his own boyhood encounters with them, he vowed never to follow in his father's footsteps. The idealistic Nick did a 180 degree turn and became a lawyer for the disadvantaged.

    After the mysterious, sudden death of Nick's father, family patriarch Tripp Darling offers Nick the opportunity to inherit the responsibility of protecting the Darlings' secrets. The job, with an ungodly salary, will allow Nick the freedom to be an altruistic do gooder. But he discovers all too soon that his new position requires him to be an all around problem fixer, hand holder, therapist and public relations expert.
  6. Tripp Darling (Donald Sutherland)

    The powerful and persuasive Tripp Darling, owner of vineyards and homes around the world, lives with his beautiful, graceful and posh wife, Letitia. While they symbolize the charm and all Americanism of old money, they also embody scandal and have spawned five grown, troubled children.

    After the mysterious, sudden death of Nick's father, Tripp offers Nick the opportunity to inherit the responsibility of protecting the Darlings' secrets.
  7. Patrick Darling (William Baldwin)

    Patrick is the oldest of the Darling offsping and is the attorney general for New York. He's a handsome and commanding man whose political star is quickly rising. There's just one problem he has a transgendered girlfriend who won't go away, and this potential senatorial candidate needs Nick to fix the situation.
  8. Karen Darling (Natalie Zea)

    The sexy, stunning and thrice married Karen is the eldest daughter, a socialite who runs the family foundation. She lost her virginity to Nick, a fact she isn't shy about telling her newest fiancé. A self described loser in love, Karen still looks to Nick for help in her personal life.
  9. Brian Darling (Glenn Fitzgerald)

    Brian Darling is a man of the cloth, working in the Episcopal church. He loathed Nick as a kid and loathes him still. When Nick's father was alive, he spitefully accused the man of trying to infiltrate a family he didn't belong in, and now feels that Nick is attempting the same thing. But now Brian needs Nick's help in sweeping a problem under the rug an illegitimate son.
  10. Juliet Darling (Samaire Armstrong)

    In her 20s and the youngest sibling along with her twin brother Jeremy, Juliet is a petulant, spoilt celebutante who longs to be taken seriously as an actress. Should a taxi driver, an autograph seeker or anyone else upset her, she will snap at them her favorite retort, "You're poor!"
  11. Jeremy Darling (Seth Gabel)

    The youngest Darling sibling along with his twin sister Juliet, Jeremy is frequently seen in rumpled clothing, hung over, smoking cigarettes and pleading with Nick to get him out of a jam. He's completely oblivious to the concept of relative suffering and unable to conceive of a life worse than his, despite his obscene wealth. He fears he's the family disappointment and that his father hates him.
  12. Lisa George (Zoe McLellan)

    As her husband Nick handles the whirlwind goings on of the Darlings, Lisa George is a sensible wife and a patient partner in parenting their young daughter. She gets a kick out of the Darlings and their lavish parties but lately she has gotten the sense that Nick is drifting away from her, specifically in the direction of the alluring Karen Darling.
  13. I'll give it a shot! The cast looks great!:tup:
  14. Letitia Darling (Jill Clayburgh)

    As Matriarch of the Darling family, Letitia oversees a brood of five troubled adult children. When sober, she conducts a not always successful public and private campaign to maintain a semblance of sanity for the Darling clan.
  15. I'm watching it right now, and it's intriguing!