Dirty mono speedy handles and tarnishing lock..grr

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  1. The handles on my new mono speedy are beginning to get dirty before the patina...any ideas on what to do? Also the lock from my older speedy is beginning to tarnish...:crybaby: how do I clean it?
  2. Use brasso to clean your lock and keys. I did mine today and they look brand new.
  3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for the handles...rub VERY GENTLY though or else it'll strip the leather!!!
  4. Also the baby wipes... search in the past threads... they make an amazing job!
  5. As for the dirt....as the vachetta patinas the dirt will just blend right in and not be as noticeable!
  6. Don't sweat the small stuff. If you use your bags that is bound to happen. The dirt will eventually blend into patina and you can polish the lock with either brasso or toothpaste.:idea:
  7. a lot of girls are very OCD about their louis vuitton purses.

    and then there are some girls who use there bags freely, dont worry bout the small stuff like irene said.
  8. dont worry the same thing happened to me and i just bought my bag in september..

    at first i was really paranoid but then realized what is the fun of having a bag if i'm just constantly gonna be obsessing over it..but i heard the magic eraser works really well. not too sure about baby wipes since my mom told me it could ruin the bag..good luck and enjoy your speedy!
  9. I used baby wipes yesterday on my two bags with a darker patina and they worked great. I wouldn't use them on a bag that is still fairly new and light.
  10. ITA! Don't sweat the small stuff ;)
  11. Just use it and enjoy it! It gives it character. If it gets realy tarnished, then you clean it.
  12. Use baby wipes w/ aloe vera on the handles and brasso with the lock...or maybe try toothpaste as well, there was a thread on it and it had amazing results :yes: