Dirty mono speedy 25 handles....help

  1. Hi gals...yesterday i got my first LV :smile: It is 3 yrs old...the girl's mother had bought it as a graduation gift from eluxury. You can see it was well loved. The only real thing i'd like to fix up if possible is the handles are not dark brown but almost black. She had dirty hands being a bank teller she said (though i would wash them b4 touching my bags LOL especially hand held anyway)
    She recommended i replace them and i did get a great price but i'm assumnig it costs a ton to replace and i'd rather use this one when bumming around to the park and buy a new one than put money into handles.
    Having said that i'd love it if they were a bit cleaner looking...they even feel smooth like newsprint lol Is there some vachetta cleaning product that would help or is it hopeless?? Someone said magic eraser but i know what it did to my Oak table LOL oops
    Any advice greatly appreciated. Hopefully i can find my way back to the replies LOL
    Also how do i make a signature? I did not fill in profile info the day i reg'd and can't find my way back. Thx again. :wtf:
  2. There are lots of threads about cleaning the Vachetta in the FAQ section. Most people recommend baby wipes. There might be other ideas over there so check it out.
  3. I second the baby wipes and then some leather conditioner. Good luck and congratulations on your speedy!!
  4. look in the lv refernece library please.

  5. Thank you!! Of course i can't seem to find wipes...that was my first thought LOL that i was right. I just figured it was a start. Will have to search my utility closet. My youngest is 4 so i still buy them but not as much. Thanks!!
    I have sheepskin cleaner but that's a no no right??

  6. I swear i did but just saw posts about protecting the vachetta but not wtd if already dirty. Sorry if i missed it!!
  7. Baby wipes... Pampers, Huggies, etc w/o alcohol... Good luck!
  8. If u want to make a signature you can click up top where it says "my control panel" and from there you will see a column on the left and it will show you where to change your signature.
  9. My SA recommended saddle soap and it TOTALLY worked for me!
  10. Ok good point to know...no alchohol!! Don;t want a drunk speedy LOL
  11. Thank you so much...i know i did not look that hard b/c i've been sidetracked by so many interesting purse posts LOL The slow dial up and kiddos are slowing me down too LOL Ahh but their Dad has them at the park at the moment!! Thx againh!
  12. Oh yea? Cool Can i ask where it is sold?? I donl;t get out much LOL
    Actually getting my butt to a LV store (not as accesible as Coach etc here) is motivating me to try to get on a highway again...major anxiety issue. I was going to order from elux but too many complaint posts today alone i saw.
    Anyone going to the Atlantic City or Paramus LVs anytime soon for a meet??
  13. you can get saddle soap at walgreens or cvs...you know, any convenience store. it is normally in the aisle with all the shoe polish and stuff. i have it and use it on my bags/shoes...works great!