Dirty Little Secrets...How Many H Bags do you own that you have never used?

  1. I have a feeling this will not be a popular thread...:rolleyes: But, the less or more thread got me thinking about my own buying habits, and then taking a look at my H closet. (Yes, my collection needs it's own closet:shame:.) I have a few ... ok 3...that I haven't worn yet, but in my defense 2 of them are less than a month old. But there. I said it. It's out in the open.:sweatdrop:
  2. i have scarves i haven't worn.... but no bags. i only wore my constance once though.
  3. Errrr. Ummm. Two unworn bags at the moment. But that will change soon!!

    Hlfinn, do you still have your Constance?
  4. none, i've used them all...
  5. Vintage excluded: none:yes: Vintage included: Justa couple, maybe a few:s
  6. Uh...
    2 new bags that have not been used yet but this will change soon.
    1 bag (a Birkin) that I have had for 6-7 years, and has been used less than 5 times but I cannot part with it...
    Another that has been used perhaps 5-6 times, again, cannot part with it.
    1 barenia Berlingot that has been used maybe 3 times...
    The rest get regular usage.
    Plenty of unworn scarves, unfortunately.
  7. I've used them all but many of them only once. :p
  8. Cynthia: Will that change because you are planning to sell them or wear them??:graucho:
  9. I have a toile/swift Lindy I haven't worn yet, but I got it just as summer ended.
  10. I have never worn 3 of mine but I have had 2 of those for less than a month...takes me a little time to take them out!
  11. Oh my.....well, I'm a big believer of only having bags I use a lot...and there are none that I haven't used yet.....but....having said that, I do have my Vintage Croc Kelly that I just adore but doesn't get out to play very much. :shame:
  12. Probably a dozen or so. :graucho: There's a few that I am debating whether I want to keep or not. :confused1: But I'm trying to rotate my bags as best as I can!
  13. I don't own enough bags to shelve any of them....I do have 1 or 2 scarves lying dormant, but now that u mention it......

    Hibernating: chiffon square w/symphony notes and clarinet
    : Lrg losange w/white and toundra diagonal stripes
  14. Three!! One I just got last weekend, one is being spruced up at the spa before I get it and one is IN TRANSIT! :wlae:

    There are however a few clutches that don't get as much use as they should but when they do, it's a special occasion and wearing that particular bag makes it even more so.
  15. LOL...that's a very fair question! One is changing because I am planning to use it next week, the other is because I'm undecided as to whether I'm keeping it or not. ;)