Dirty Handbags Go Shopping......

  1. I was going to the mall yesterday, and I followed a really nice looking woman who entered the same store as I did, and seemed to be shopping on her lunch hour because she was suited up. Her handbag, which was a very nice-looking beige leather was sooooo dirty on the bottom and sides with smudges and pen marks, that I almost shrieked out loud! (well.....not really, but you get the idea that I was taken aback). :push: So, I started noticing other women out and about, and there are many of us who walk around with really badly abused bags, but still dress nicely, as if no thought was given to what they looked like when they walk out the door in the morning. Okay....I must have a cleanliness fetish, because I just can't stand it when there is a smudge of shmooey on my bag. Drives me crazy. Does anyone else out there feel like me? We spend so much money on our handbags.......
  2. Oh my, I would never carry a dirty, beat up bag. I would also never wear scuffed shoes. I remember seeing a lady and the heels of her boots were leaning to the sides, Hilarious and it HAD to be uncomfortable and very difficult trying to walk straight!
  3. I agree, I can't stand a dirty bag. Even bags I've bought that were pre-loved have always been in pristine condition. A little wear is one thing but dirt and smudges are a no-no.
  4. I would be too embarrassed to take a stained, dirty bag out of the house...
  5. i agree, dirty bags are EWWW! and yet when im at work, im always checking out ladies bags and more often than not, they (and their wallets) look like they've been run over by trucks! i would never go out of the house with a bag like that...i mean, dont they bother to clean them or something? yikes!
  6. I guess I am fussy about my things because they are the one thing I can control and I like them clean.
  7. I guess we all have different preferences. They might not care so much about their bag as we do. I personally would never be able to carry a dirty bag unless I was going somewhere where I knew it would get dirty too. Thats a different story. But to go shopping etc. I consider your bag to be part of your outfit. It just like I wouldn't wear a muddy torn up t-shirt out...
  8. Funny you brought this up. I just cleaned all my bags inside and out this morning.
  9. I agree with you totally. I completely freak out if my bags get dirty. I have never carried or never will carry a dirty handbag. I have noticed what you have about other women's handbags. Honestly some women just don't think about handbags like us addicts do. I have a cousin who carried the same handbag for like 5 years until it fell apart and then got another one just like it. She will probably carry that one for another 5 years. She just doesn't care like I do about her handbags.
  10. I believe that a confirmed addict (like myself) actually takes the time to notice such things, but like Karenina says, some people carry the same bag for years and years without thinking about changing out and cleaning it, at the very least.
  11. so i guess some u girls would scream if i carry my beat up bottega in suede bag LOL
    it's dirty ut it's one of my beat up bag i don't have to worry anymore of geting it dirty than it already is :shame:
  12. I wouldn't go out with a dirty bag either! Although sometimes, I tend to fail noticing a bit of dirt here and there but they're only small smudges and people rarely notice them.

    The insides of my bag is another thing though.
  13. I cannot stand dirty handbags. I baby my bags like crazy, making sure they never touch the floor or bang into stuff while I'm walking. Besides, doesn't that say something about someone who dresses nice but has a super dirty and abused handbag? Makes me think that perhaps her car and house is dirty as well. :p
  14. i'm not into carrying germ traps either...:throwup:
  15. Oh, seahorse........I'm sure that it isn't that bad..........;)