Dirty, dirty girl!

  1. I just received my Calcaire Hobo off ebay and I knew she was dirty - but bid anyway, I have poor self-control.

    Anyhoo - what's the most serious cleaning regime that you can recommend for her. I'm talking one step away from stripping the colour. If I use a cleaning product can I still get it professionally cleaned? The leather itself is in great condition (no scratches) but it looks like it's been clubbing!

    If it doesn't work can I have it dyed? Anyone done this?

  2. Actually, I think she HAS been clubbing - there's a little bit of glitter inside. Lol.
  3. Well glitter is no problem Cal lol. Maybe you could try the appleguard cleaner - it's supposed to be pretty strong, but I'm not sure you can get that where you are. Maybe a coach leather cleaner then?
  4. Thanks Twinklette. I just ordered some appleguard cleaner, conditioner and spray from Leatherstuff - 20% off at the mo (see deals and steals). Hope this works!!!
  5. I think it will definitely help - I heard the cleaner is pretty strong so it should take off most of the dirt. Let me know how you make out! Is it really bad, like on the handles or all over?
  6. it's mainly on the bottom - the handles are only a little dirty (oddly the lacing is pretty clean - go figure!). I'll do before and after pics (is that too sad?!). ooooo, looking forward to my little project, now I have to wait for the cleaner to arrive.
  7. I bet it will work wonders then! I used just the conditioner on my sable paddy and it definitely cleaned up any dirt marks. I would love to see before and afters! That's great about the handles as they usually are the dirtiest part of the bag, once the roping gets dirty on a light color, it's next to impossible to clean :sad:
  8. I had a 3 inch pen mark on my Mousse paddy - I used the Applegarde cleaner and it removed the pen.

    At first I thought it was removing the leather (outer layer) because there was this dark blob. I decided to not freak out and just walk away from it. When I came back to it a few hours later there was no marks at all, no pen and no dark blob.
  9. I wouldn't suggest a dye job. It might hurt the texture of the leather. Maybe you could rock the bag with the worn look, it's not that bad on the calcaire. :rochard: