Dirty Coach =(

  1. Hello ladies im new here.I would like some help on how to clean my Sribble Coach sneakers.If you have any suggestions on how to clean them, please share.:crybaby:

    _JuiCy JeSSiCa
  2. I have a pair of khaki signature sneaks that have the white toe (from several years ago). I use a chlorox pen on the white part and around the edges. I would think the that the new "signature cleaner" that they sell at the boutiques might help the fabric part but I don't know.:confused1: I haven't tried it on my shoes, but I need to. I did get something on my sig bag and the cleaner took it out, but before you try it on your shoes, I'd ask an SA or maybe call the 1-800 number? Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
  3. if you do a search, you can find TONS of threads about this- the shoes clean up the same as the bags.

    but basically...mild soap and water. and baby wipes.
  4. dove soap and water
  5. Mild soap and warm water. :yes: