Dirty Coach Willis

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  1. Help i have not posted in a looooong time. I got a Coach Willis on the way off Ebay and the white leather is pretty dirty any tips on how to clean it? I have cleaned leather before but not white leather it has ink stains and black marks and something that may or may not be nail polish on it will not know for sure until i get it.I use Horseman`s one step leather cleaner most of the time but i think this bag may need more than that. Any suggestion on a good conditioner i do not have to order online that i might can get? I am sure this has been asked before but i am having trouble finding a post on it thank you in advance. Will post photos of bag once i get it.
  2. if no one answers you here, try calling coach's customer care line. If you give them the information of the bag they may be able to suggest something, or you could also try taking it into a coach boutique for suggestions, but I wouldn't let them clean it for you, because they're not responsible if it is damaged further or doesn't work. I usually use the coach leather cleaner on my coach bags personally, but as you said, it may or may not be enough. Sorry I cant suggest a specific cleaner/conditioner, but I hope someone at coach will know more.
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  4. My advice would be to send it back and get a refund, but if that is not an option you might try taking it to a leather shop or cobbler to have it dyed a dark color.

    I don't wish to sound mean but I once rehabbed a white leather bag and came to the conclusion that it was a bad idea and I should never try it again.

    I found a lovely white leather legacy zip 9966 at a garage sale for a mere $8. It wasn't in bad shape but it was definitely grimy and marked. The before picture below doesn't show how dirty and scuffed it really was.

    I gave it baths and ran it through the washer and it still didn't look great, so I tried using a matching acrylic paint to cover the bad spots but white is very hard to match and they didn't look good at all. I finally striped off my spot paint attempts and painted the entire bag.

    When it was finally done it looked pretty good (see after pic below) but it is still painted and it was a lot of work. In retrospect I don't think my $8 find was a bargain and I intend to pass on any white bags I come across in the future unless they are spotless.
    WhiteLegacyZip002Before.jpg WhiteLegacyZipAfter005.jpg
  5. OMG! It is a prettiest albino I have ever seen!
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  6. There is a lot of information in the rehab club and people there who have the experience to help you. I find that often with white or light colored bags, some of the "dirt" is actually the color of the leather showing through. The more you scrub white, the browner it becomes. Your bag will need a full bath, not just a leather cleaner, which is described in the Rehab clubhouse. I also posted there about my experiences removing ink and other stains from white leather using zit cream after it was suggested by another rehabber. You can usually find Leather CPR at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and sometimes at Tuesday Morning, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx. It is usually fairly easy to find mink oil too.
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  7. Ty so much guys i think i will try to clean it. I do not have it yet but it does not look to bad just some dirt the ink stains are what bother me the most. I have a picture of the bag from Ebay if that would help?
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    I love this bag even if i can not get it super clean it will be my just beat around bag. Got it at a good price. The inside needs a good cleaning as well.

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    It's a gorgeous legacy bag, but it is filthy inside and out. You could not dye it, because it would ruin the lining. It will definitely need a good soaking in a bath; I usually use Dawn dish soap. Search the rehab clubhouse thread for more information. Good luck!
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  10. I have found a few things to try on the outside. The inside should not be to bad i have had worse a lot worse sadly. It should be here mid week i hope so i can start on it i will post after pics.
  11. Please post what you use. I have a black Willis coming that has a dirty lining. I have been reading the rehab page but not sure how to clean the lining that is on the inside of the flap without the black bleeding through.
  12. I used tuff stuff

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  13. The leather will have a dingy distressed look to it it was a well loved bag but over all good condition
  14. Wow that lining cleaned up so well. I guess I need to get a little more aggresive in cleaning my wilis. I am still waiting for the black rock to come in the mail to do the leather.
  15. Hello,
    I know this is an old post. I am currently looking into buying a vintage bone coloured shoulder or crossbody bag.
    May I ask which brand and colour of paint you used to restore your bag?
    Many thanks xxx