Dirty Car Catastrophe

  1. Something horrible happened. My tattersall pouch hit my dirty car by accident and dirt spots are now all over the fabric. What can I use to clean it!!!!!!:crybaby::cursing::crybaby:
  2. OMG that's horrible! So sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I don't really know...maybe water with a little mix of soap? Or...the Coach cleaner for signature fabrics? I've never had to clean a bag, so sorry I'm not much help! Hope it comes out though!
  3. Call the Coach Store- they should know!
  4. the fabric cleaner is great!!! follow the directions on the bottle - I was able to save my fabric scarf print from an entire large coffee soaking.
  5. Their advice will likely be a cloth with very light soap or a baby wipe.

    I got dirt smudges on my legacy Katy travel tote the first day I used it by bumping up against the car.

    I am so sorry, I know how it feels!
  6. I cant use the Coach cleaner because the card I got with the bag says not too. Anyways I called JAX and they said they have told everybody to try mild soap diluted in water. Hopefully this works. Scotch tape picked up most of the dirt so you cant see it anymore. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  7. to clean mine i use a little ivory dish soap on a white washcloth. just dampen it with water and use a little soap. works wonders and ivory is about as mild as it gets.
  8. COACH told me that the tattersall can be cleaned with a shout wipe, they said to gently squeeze the access out first then gently rub. Hope this helps and good luck.
  9. OMG - the title made me gasp for breath! I got some dirt on my scribble tote and some baby wipes and Woolite worked wonders!
  10. OH NO!! I hope you're able to clean it.
  11. There's a natural enzyme product called "Nature's Miracle" that is used to remove pet stains from upholstery and carpets that you might also want to try. While removing the toughest of stains, it doesn't leave any residual marks. I've been buying it from PetSmart, but it might be available at your local grocery store too. Sorry to hear of your mishap & good luck to you!
  12. i say wootlie, it worked wonders on my scribble tote, also you could try a tide to go pen, but i don't have much luck with those!
    well one day i took my beautiful patchwork swing pack out car shopping..... stupid me thought it would be better than lugging a purse in and out of cars, well the first one we got in, got black stuff on it!
    not much but in some spots! gosh...
    but yeah i would say woolite, just a little, in warm water......or what about a mr. clean eraser?
  13. good luck cleaning it....let us know what happens...
  14. Using tape sounded interesting...

    Glad you were able to get most of it out.

  15. Yeah everyone should try it!! Someone in my office suggested it and it picked the dirt right up.