Dirty Blonde

  1. Courtney Love @ Her Book Signing.:P

  2. I saw her on The View and I have got to say she has picked up the weight.

    That's what normally happens when you get off drugs (look at Whitney too). However I'm happy for her. She got herself together and that's most important.
  3. She looks old here. Maybe it's the way she's wearing those reading glasses that make her look old.
  4. I'm happy to see her behaving relatively normal for Francis Bean's sake.
  5. she's very cool there! i love her :P
  6. She's been trying to improve her health and image... I'll give her that! But she could look so much better if she wanted too!
  7. she still looks like a wreck but i'm glad that she's trying to get her life together.
  8. OMG:shocked: is that a croco paddy?
  9. It looks like it! :P
  10. i like her.. i hope she gets her life together
  11. I feel sad for her. feel like she's had it hard. glad to see she's trying to improve her life :smile:
  12. Her weight goes up and down constantly, it's really odd. I've read before that she is actually very intelligent and talented, a tortured artist-type, if you will. I hope her daughter is able to use her parents as an example of what NOT to be (behavior-wise) and have a happy life.
  13. She isn't one of my favorites, but I hope that she can get it together for her daughter.
  14. Good Luck to her!! btw, I love the song Doll Parts:heart: