Dirty Barenia.....

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  1. ....and what can be done? I know Barenia developes a lovely patina but what about if the corners get grimey/grey-ish from use? Does that come out with a spa visit or is it in there for life?

    NOT just wondering now.........:supacool:
  2. that thread name....sounds naughty!:graucho: :blush:

    I would love to know about the up keep of barenia too...I love how it looks, new and a little worn, but just how worn can it get?:shrugs: and then what?
  3. good question....I always wondered how Barenia looked post-spa.

  4. What did you buy D?! Spill it! :graucho:
  5. I got some hot dog grease on mine and it blended with the patina. I just kept rubbing it with my hand and the leather just got darker from the oils on my hand, so the oil spot just blended in. When you see a barenia saddle that has a fully developed patina it's almost black.
  6. Nothing, J. Really. I'm just laying the groundwork so when the time comes, I'll be ready. I love Barenia and I do know how it developes its patina but I just don't know what'll happen after a spa visit.....I'd like to know what cleans up and what doesn't, KWIM?
  7. Good question, D. Thing is, though, with a saddle, more surface area is being worn as your whole a$$ rubs on it with each ride, so the saddle would acquire a more even patina. :smile: Correct me if I'm wrong, horsey folks, because I am just guessing.

    W/ a bag, the wear spots are more uneven; i.e., the corners wear faster than the front and side panels, etc. Even after a spa visit, the patina still won't be even, right?

    I know what you're looking at, D... ;)
  8. HG....do you send your Barenia to the spa or does it never really need to go?
  9. Thanks, 24......don't want to do anything hasty......
  10. Posted are pics of barenia kellyado after cleaning from the NYC boutique. This bag has been rained on (dried up without water spots in about 20 min), had baby spit ups, etc. Came back like new! :yes:

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  11. ^ MY GOD that's gorgeous!!
  12. Oh niiiiice.....ABB!!! Any "before" pics? It looks lovely!!!
  13. Unfortunately, I never did take "before" photos of this bag. I did look awhile for the glycerin soaps at the H boutique but they were out of them. Decided I should just let the experts take care of it.

    It is quite heavy though even though it is a backpack. It worked for me for a while because I needed the 2 hands for my two little "monsters" ;) but space-wise, it is not that roomy because of the kelly straps.
  14. ABB lovely bag!!