1. Anyone will watch it tonight?
    I m going to watch it, but I am not sure the time should be at 9pm or 10pm in Chicago. I m so confused of time zone. BTW, it'll be on FX.
  2. Courteney looks stunning in the show and love her outfit:love:
  3. It was ok. I'll watch another episode and see if it can hook me.
  4. Watched it and it lived up to it's name...think I saw a B-bag but not sure...have to see it again..
  5. Yep, I noticed on bags too, but I couldn't recognize any.
  6. I watched it! love courtney cox! there was some slow parts, overall I thought it was good though.

  7. I feel the same way. It was on at 11pm here. It'll have to be good for me to stay up that late. I haven't figured out the DVR yet.
  8. It was ok...I LOVE Courtney Cox though!

    I'll have to see another episode and see if it gets better...:shrugs:
  9. I watched it and thought it was pretty good. I'll give it another try next week and see if I'm more interested. I watched it with my hubbie who is always fascinated to see Courtney on TV- he went to high school with her!
  10. It was EH!Meaning JUST OK...a tad slow for me.....Kind of smutty in a NIP-Tuck kinda way!!LOL!
  11. Meh. I watched it last night since it aired twice. It shares the same time slot as Law & Order SVU, so unless I Tivo it, I won't be watching it every week.
  12. one question...I missed a small part that was something wrong with network, so what's the reason caused the car accident? Why did he speedy up?
  13. I missed it. When will they show it again?
  14. Well evidently I don't watch enough regular TV and I've spent too much time watching shows with the kids. I enjoyed it and was a bit intrigued by the idea that maybe stuff like this went on IRL. Its been awhile since I've seen any Nip-Tuck so I was watching it with my door open and the kids still up. I won't do that again!
  15. Just watched it. Not really impressed. Kinda cheezy...