dirt on my roxanne...help!!

  1. hello,girls! :smile: i would appreciate your help regarding my roxanne in oak darwin leather. the back side of my baby is covered in dirt (some black spots) and i don't know how to clean it. i live in greece and i can't find any leather conditioner or cleaning lotion - except for collonil which did a great job with that rain spots, but can't help with dirt. i am afraid to "test" anything as i read that the leather may fade...i know it's not such a big deal because it's not in the front but i :heart: her sooo much that i want her clean again...any recommendations??
    thanks a lot!!!

    p.s i'll try to post pics but i am afraid i'll fail to upload them...
  2. I have a natural untreated leather bag by Alison van der lande, i contacted them about whether I should treat the bag or anything and they said do nothing with it except if it gets dirty- gently steam the area and dab the dirt away with a cloth. I'd speak to Mulberry direct before trying it though!!!!
  3. there is no exclusive mulberry store in athens,just retailers. i went to both stores who carry mulberry (including the one where i bought the bag) but the SAs had noooo idea!!! at least i am lucky that the dirt is at the back of the bag...well i will try on a small area. thanks a lot 4 your tip:smile:!