Dirt Dessert for kids? What type of pudding to use?

  1. Hey guys,

    Nicole is coming over today, and I thought it would be fun for us to make some "Dirt". You know, the pudding with oreos and gummy worms in it?? :tup:

    I thought that would be cool for us to eat for dessert tonight and maybe to take with us tomorrow for a snack (we're heading to the pool).

    I've looked up some recipes online, and most call for vanilla pudding, which doesn't make sense to me since dirt isn't white, but...ok.

    What type of pudding do you guys use when making this stuff?
  2. I have never made this but it sounds yummy!!! I think vanilla pudding would be perfect---it's a mild enough flavor that it won't interfere with the deliciousness of the gummy worms and chocolate-y Oreos, plus it will look most satisfyingly "dirty" by the time you are finished making it. Have fun!
  3. Oohhh, it tastes soooo good and looks sooo gross! lol

    Mmmm, doesn't this look delicious?!


    hehe, I can't wait to try and make this!
  4. How did it work out with the dirt dessert?
  5. When I used to have it, it was always vanilla pudding. Yummmmmm =)
  6. that sounds so good, did you use vanilla pudding? how did it turn out?????
  7. Oh good Lord that looks so disgusting and sooo fabulous! Great idea! Is that vanilla? I guess it would make the darker colors show up better, no? Wow. :tup:
  8. I have always had it with chocolate pudding--
  9. I have had this before and it is great! So yummy! I thought it was whipped cream but maybe it was vanilla pudding!

    Lami, how did it turn out?
  10. I LOOOOVVEEEE dirt pudding!!! Especially when there's LOTS and LOTS of oreos & gummy worms!!! Everytime I've had it there was always chocolate pudding......vanilla pudding sounds a little off. :shrugs:
  11. How'd it turn out? In girl scouts we made this with devil's food pudding (not sure if they make this anymore it's a really dark choco pudding) and it was yummy! Extra worms on mine please.