Direct Gift Ship for Buyer? Good or Bad Idea?

  1. I was wondering what you guys thought of direct shipping gifts to receipents, other than the buyer. I just sold a bag to a buyer with great feedback and a confirmed Paypal address, but the buyer asked me to direct ship to her stepmother at a different address.

    I know the holiday seasons are upon us and direct shipping to another address would definitely save the buyer a lot of time. But any chances I might get burned?

    I asked the buyer to send an email with the statement, I authorize this seller to ship to this address other than my confirmed one, just to cover all bases. But am I just being paranoid and killing the holiday spirit? Any one else do this for their buyers?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I would tell the buyer to add the persons address to their paypal account then make sure to pick that CONFIRMED address to send to and then pay you. If they already paid you, then I personally would refund it back to them and ask them to do it again. It's just not worth it to risk it.

    you can add 30 addresses to 1 paypal account, so it shouldn't be a prob for them to add it.
  3. this is from the paypal website:

    [​IMG]</IMG> My buyer provided a Gift Address with his payment. If I ship to the Gift Address, will I still be covered under the Seller Protection Policy (SPP)?

    Question : Answer : [​IMG]</IMG> As long as the address is confirmed, the payment is marked as SPP eligible and you meet the requirements of SPP then the payment will be covered under SPP.

    Keep in mind that PayPal protects sellers at no charge from:
    • Possible fraudulent payment activity by actively screening transactions for fraudulent activity
    • False buyer claims by providing a team of chargeback specialists and a resolution center that helps sellers resolve disputes in a fair manner and by providing the Seller Protection Policy which encourages good selling practices
  4. Thanks spacytracy! Sounds like great advice!
  5. I thought an address is only "confirmed" when it matches the billing address on the credit card you have linked to your paypal account? If that's true, then how can you confirm someone else's address? Maybe I'm wrong...